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Thanks. We will. We’re about another day or two from skating. About three inches of unexpected snow slowed down the ice. A nice little slush puddle on top right now. I’d like to post a pic or two of the finished product . Do you know the best way I can post a couple of pics from my phone?

Or, people stealing electricity that still happens around the U.S.

This, from the big city down the road from me.

katakowsj  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: WTF?

Nice. Better than mine. My cookie said, Always take Russian murder bag to local authorities.

It’s fairly simple as long as you’ve got some basic requirements:

1. A flat spot to set up a rink. My maximum space is 40’ by 28’. I’m limited by a fence, driveway, house and tree.

Flat is super important. I luckily have a rise of 7” over the length of the rink and it’s level side to side.

2. Something to keep the water in. I buy a rink liner from. A place I found online, Blue Lakes Plastics in Minnesota. 32’ by 45’ white plastic liner for $130 USD delivered.

I’ve done the old school ‘wet down the snow’ method a couple of times. It only works when it’s reallly cold for a duration and warm ups not only melt your rink, but the water runs off. All gone.

Bathtub method is far easier and reliable.

3. Sides. Gotta consider how much these may cost and how to store this stuff afterward. After careful deliberation I arrived building a fence two feet high on the high end of the rink and 2 feet 7 inches on the lower end.

I used 8’ long 5/4 treated decking from my local big box lumber store and built 8’ long fence sections (or less as required) and used deck screws to keep stuff together. I also pounded galvanized posts into the ground to keep the sides up. Drop in liner. Fill. Done.

Interesting. How does Bitcoin energy usage compare, in relative terms to the energy involved in creating and maintaining a governmental fiat currency?

Also, won’t mining come to an end as BTC has a finite # of mineable coins?

Only to spend the time and energy to come to the conclusion that Trump is most at fault for sabotaging the legitimacy of his presidency.

I've actually seen the very same behaviors in some of my hyper-emotional, hormone-impaired eighth graders I teach each day.

Super interesting. This senseless use of ethereum only hints at the actual useful possibilities of writing blockchain contracts.

My son and I are planning on setting up our backyard ice rink tomorrow. I’ve been watching the long range forecasts. This could be really fun.

People that lose are more likely than winners to create conspiracy theories?

Additional news flash...water is wet.

Agreed. Great essay. Thanks to kantos also.

Is there a phenotype associated with success? Maybe.

My guess as a middle school teacher, I study and work at modifying human behavior daily, is that these monsters were rewarded along the way for their talent while the world around them turned a blind eye in respect to their talents.

Like a toddler that eventually learns to ignore their baser behaviors. Say throwing a tantrum over a dislike for his/her current meal, these predators have not learned that their behaviors are reprehensible. Because of their power, people turned a blind eye long enough and the behavior persisted and grew to the freakish level that got them caught, Matt Lauer’s supposed under-desk door locking button, or to a level that allows them to silently still get along with it.

In my experience, I’ve got to believe that the system around these monster men is also to blame for allowing them to become the dirt bags they are.

Or, U.S. Clown President tweets at random woman.

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