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Good news. Seems like they would be purposed for or effectively making one controlling group rich the moment they became securities, wouldn't they?

Any special reason that BCT and ETH are spared?

Seriously though, the Covey chart is so simple and effective, I only wish that others around me would abide by it better.

I can remember hanging out with a friend, as we were just starting our careers, that felt compelled to answer his phone no matter what was going on. We’d be driving somewhere, he’d have his phone on vibrate, we’re in the middle of a conversation and he’d pick up his phone and start talking. Didn’t even give me a, “Hey man, I’ve gotta call coming in and I’ve gotta take it...”

Man, that ticked me off.

I done see this phone etiquette stuff as the root issue. More of a basic consideration of other people thing. Something that I find myself continually reinforcing to my kids. I can see that I’ll use the chart with them at some point as the learn to prioritize their connections with other people.

Thanks for sharing.

I thank you for your Quadrant 4 contribution. :)

Well said.

I'm all about slowing my inevitable decline too. My Dad had a spinal cord injury when I was 15 (July of 1989) that left him quadriplegic from age 42 until his passing at age 62. As a result, I've never taken my own mobility and fitness lightly.

Seriously? I thought it was the fresh smog of Beijing that gave you that hacking cough that followed you home. Nice one bro.

Please tell me this is research for your "Trump" State of Empire. If not, we can commission a fellow Hubskier to create one. The possibilities are mind boggling.

Just watched the Feebles trailer. No lawsuit necessary. That it exists is punishment enough.

Oh. I wouldn’t worry. It’s just an Onion article. Elon Musk is a genius at some stuff, so he must be a genius at everything.

Seriously, I agree with you. The idea will fly like a lead balloon.

Or, as my Dad used to say, “That’s as useful as tits on a bull.”

    The medications most vulnerable to running short have a few things in common: They are generic, high-volume, and low-margin for their makers—not the cutting-edge specialty drugs that pad pharmaceutical companies’ bottom lines. Companies have little incentive to make the workhorse drugs we use most.

Agreed on the generics. I see this as the space where government steps in to pool and implement collective resources to make 'Murica Great Again.

That, and fix our crumbling Michigan roadways.

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