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    Whenever you're fat, the meal you're eating right then is the meal you eat all the time

    This gets me - and when you see someone obviously fit getting a pizza I've "earned it" or it's a "cheat meal". Immediately explained away as something they deserve.

I say screw to hell with any dumb-ass that would ever spend the time to think or mention it. With an attitude like that, they'r e not even worth the time or consideration anyway. Eat for health and happiness.

Not that it's easy to do, given much of pop-culture. But that part of pop culture should be disregarded also.

Also, I lay off the cheese and dairy. No pizza for me. Damn, but that stuff gives me me acne. I mean, it's meant to make baby cows grow really fast. I find it acts as an inflammatory, plus I can feel my blood sugar levels surge after a lot of dairy, of course, especially in the form of ice cream. Blah.

I guess I do then. Not coming from an obsessive relationship with food, I didn’t recognize that it was from that perspective. I’m physically fit for my age and I feel fortunate to be so and to have the opportunity to be this way.

I typically bring a salads in a very vegetable heavy lunch to work each day and get a bunch of flak from some less fit coworkers about it. Not that it bothers me too much. This article got me thinking a bit and the comment about the salad piqued my interest.

What am I missing?

    “I don’t want to be portrayed; this is not about me. It’s about that guy you always see on the far treadmill at the gym. Or the lady who brings the most beautiful salads to work every day for lunch. It’s about the little girl who got bullied because of her size, and the little boy who was told he wasn’t man enough. It’s not about me, but had it been about me when I was that chubby little girl, maybe I wouldn’t be standing here, head against the door, wondering if I’m enough.”— ERIKA

How is it about the guy on the treadmill or the lady that brings beautiful salads for lunch?

    The states are among the fastest-growing in the country, and in each of them, Republican-dominated legislatures have been accused of prioritizing business and growth over efforts to limit the consequences of climate change. Beginning in 2012, North Carolina lawmakers took actions that forced state and local agencies that make policy on the coast to ignore models that predict rising sea levels.

How's that short-sighted thinking going guys?

Amazing what the human body is capable of.

    Watch only his face and shoulders, and you’d take him for a thoughtful man out walking the dog. He moved through the whooping waving crowds calmly. Once, when he tossed a drink bottle, he was so controlled that he could aim where to throw it.

    That was after 18 miles at 4:39 mile pace.

I'm happy to have run a 5k this last weekend maintaining almost a 7:30 mile pace. I'm 44, not 35 like Kipchoge, based on what he's done, I can see that I can speed things up some.

Thanks for the post.

I found the following concerning as well.

    There’s no question that hackers are trying to penetrate the American financial system. The number of successful data breaches has been rising.

    Banks are rushing to fortify their defenses. The crippling of a major financial institution at the hands of hackers could sow fear and instability across the entire banking system — the same sort of chain reaction that brought financial activity to a halt 10 years ago.

Lends me to see Crypto currency as a nice hedge to a huge hacking of traditional institutions.

katakowsj  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How WhatsApp Destroyed A Village

Agreed. That, and...

    The videos, whose origins are impossible to trace because of WhatsApp’s strong encryption, had been making the rounds in WhatsApp groups in India months before the incident in Rainpada.

Since when do we take the word of any reporter that has absolutely no stake in the game? Encryption absolves the reporter of any culpability. What the hell?

katakowsj  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A question regarding perception.

Especially with known faces. I remember being at a science museum with my kids once and seeing the effect demonstrated with pictures of celebrity faces rotated 180 degrees. As we're so accustomed to making our identification of faces 'right side up' that it's super difficult to make a mental match upside down.

katakowsj  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A question regarding perception.

"Obey the nature of things, and you will walk freely and undisturbed" -Seng-ts'an

Great post. I'm just stumbling on to this 1230 days late. Makes me think of how hotels likely push the whole "reuse your towels for the environment" thing more to save them money in washing fewer towels.

Damn. That’s unfortunate. Wouldn’t be surprising if it was titled “Kentucky homeless man...”. Too bad that there are people that look to this frightened angry man for guidance. Gotta figure that at some point in the future even Banjostan will see the light of rational thinking, however long that may take.

According to a new report on CEO pay from the Economic Policy Institute, chief executives at those 350 companies made $15.6 million on average in 2016—271 times what the typical worker earns.


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