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bahadirarici  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to Hubski

Thank you for your time and efford.

I agree with your critisizm there. I think in my position i should be open with my belief to anyone who wants to read more. MY aim was pushing people to focus on the ideology rather than the belief part if they are not on the same page but i should be open and still can ask them to focus on the ideology. So you are right, i ll delete that line.

I dont know the website architecture. I like thge design and a friend made it for me. I ll keep it this way and might change it when it gets bigger.

Thanks again for the respond.

Well, i am one day old here. I loved the website stands for, sharing ideas without minding how long the text is, my cup of tea, and i did like the community, i checked the topics open and was enough to appriciate the community.

I also have a lot to share. I founded a movement and i really want to discuss it here.

So if someone would promote me, i wouldnt dissapoint zir. If not, i thing i ll get my full wheel eventually. I have 2 dots now so, not bad, ha?

ow are you checking the doors? here i created a door myself. check it out:

i should confess i didnt read it through and it is a bit over my english level but lets take the sleeping bunnies video. apart from the "copyright" concern, i didnt understand what is wrong with it. can someone summarize the problem with that video in a sentence?

I loved the design! I am surprised to learn that i am a millenial. I have a solution for the problem we have. Wer should make a revelotion. Here the 5 pillars what we should want:

1) A set of Existential Rights for Intelligent Life Forms including Aliens, AIs and Alone Intellectuals. (Alone intellectuals are from traditionally uber-semi-intellectual races like dolphins and apes but accomplished great things and acknowledged as an higher level being than fellow-creatures)

2) The 3 step formula: a decentralised World Federation of City-States, establishing direct democracy via internet, using gold as global currency.

3) World resources can not be allotted to city-states.

4) Universal Basic Income for every intellectual being, for every person living on the planet.

5) A cap for the fortune one can have. Any person can have maximum 2.000 KG gold worth goods and gold. Any “extra” that is earned should either be paid as tax or spent for charity purposes by a none-profit organisation. The “shares”, the “stocks” of a company is not included to this number yet the profit is included. A similar cap goes for legal personalities, for companies too. Maximum cap is 20.000 KG gold and the goods that are production related are not included.

bahadirarici  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to Hubski

there is this problem tho, my ideas can be, umm, unpopular at first glance to some people. I assume, common way of thinking with a good prasing would get the most "share" and revolutionary thinking only get likes from people who already thinks that way or very open-minded which is rather a smaller part of the group regardless how good the community is. so, the "quality" thing is relative.

Why are we worried that our jobs are being stolen tho. If an AI can do it better and willing to do it, isnt it better for society? Yet there is this question: what are we going to eat? Well if we stick to capitalism, we better learn to eat rocks. We have to change the system and give every individual a universal basic income. After that, well, the best work is the one you do for your own self-existencialism. (sorry for limited english)

i have quite some writing about AI. Among those existential rights, AI should not be able to bought or sold, i think. When i discuss AI, i mean an AI that is self-aware. I dont mean the commertial AI we are using at the moment. I have no problem having lesser-AI being commertial.

bahadirarici  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to Hubski

i really liked what this website stands for and i think i like the community too. way better than the offensive assholes in void. and i find reddit guys a bit shallow or more into deepweb than the actual site. so i ll be around here. i hope i ll get the chance to share my ideas in a post too.

bahadirarici  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to Hubski

i am the founder of this new movement:

that is way too many days. would you mind sharing it for me with the community so we all can discuss this?

bahadirarici  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to Hubski

But can you tell me how do i get the right to post a tread? Is it decided by admins or is it time related or amount of comments related? Do you know how does it work?

bahadirarici  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to Hubski

how many message should i send to be able to post man?? :((