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comment by War
War  ·  1321 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Star Wars Episode 8 is the longest primal hallucination you will ever experience

Holy mother of god. Star Wars was so painful to watch. I'm so glad I'm not alone. I have all these friends telling me I'm out of my mind for feeling the way I do. I legit left that movie confused as to why I wasted my time watching it. The one thing that frustrated me more than anything is the Force Awakened spent an entire movie setting the groundwork for the universe only for it to be completely wiped away in TLJ. I was alright with the concept of them wiping the slate clean and moving on from the old stories, but I never wanted it to be executed so poorly. I mean TFA was the first movie of the trilogy, but so was TLJ. Now we get to move on to the last film in this trilogy, except we are still only at the very beginning. I just have no clue what they were thinking with this film.

Just quickly to run through my gripes with the characters:

Snoke? Who is he? Oh, he is dead. OK.

General Hux? a comedic punching bag.

Phasma? I'm sorry who is that? The silver stormtrooper? Yea that doesn't ring a bell? Anyway, dead.

Kylo? Still mad for whatever reason

First Order? Slowly chasing some low tech rebel ships through space, can't catch um though. Dreadnought surface defense destroyed by one tiny ship.

Poe? He is a leader, oh he is not. He is hot headed, and must learn to be a leader? Oh OK, kinda generic.

Leia? Force sensetive? No full force user? Wait what?

Luke? Sad because he made a mistake of assuming Kylo was already lost. Even though his dad had the same issue, and he held out hope then?

Finn? Is going through nearly the same plot arch he did in TFA.

Rey? She is a good guy.

Resistance? Still resisting kinda.

user-inactivated  ·  1305 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Rouge One was a good movie, would be even better if they stopped trying to do the PR thing where they try to beat you over the head with a backstory to care about the characters.

The Last Jedi needed a better editor and someone to write out about 45 minutes of sidequests.