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I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. You'll find that most of the stuff is political. I am a socialist, and a bit on the vocal side. Hopefully I don't sound too arrogant already :)

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I'm 18, and I had a panic attack when I thought I was being pulled over the other day. I could not do this haha.

PetesPassing  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Shooting in chattanooga, 5 dead.

The clip of the recruit at the end was brutal :(

I still think it's stupid this is considered an act of terrorism but the shooting in charleston wasn't. Whatever at least the bastard is dead. Is there a way to donate to the family's?

Ahaha well I've taken it recreationally many times I know how it affects me, I don't know if I could take that stuff daily. And money is an issue as well.

I do have ADHD. Not on any medication though.

I wouldn't say it's a contest to do less work, everyone loves the kids that do work because everybody cheats. Sometimes it feels like the only reason people get good grades is because they take the time to pull out their phones during a test haha. I cheated on the final exams. It's obviously something I gotta not do.

I knew it was gonna be bad. She wouldn't change her mind after all these years to finally just make a sequel out of the blue.

I had one not too long ago where I had left a skate park where I had a lot of fun with some friends. Just outside of the park was a telephone pole with some wires that weren't connected to another telephone pole so they we're just left hanging downward. At the top of the telephone pole were 3 kids. An older brother and two little kids, one little girl and one little boy. It was obvious they were going to start climbing down, and I realized it was dangerous but kept walking anyways. While walking under it, all of a sudden there's a extremely loud buzzing sound above me. Around me full limbs, pieces of flesh, and tons of blood fall all making a memorable splashing noise. Horrified I looked up and saw the other two kids staring at their older brother, screaming and crying. They cried out for their mom who was on the ground, crying out for them as well. The little girl tried to go down the wire real fast. The same thing that happened to her older brother happened to her. Blood and limbs everywhere. The little boy seeing this, who was just in absolute despair at this point, looked at the ground and just leaped off. I can't remember leaving on any Tarantino movies while I slept, because that landing was gruesome as well. From there I just ran down the road that lied front of me, at the same time covered in blood. I didn't know what to do so I just started screaming. Loudly. Eventually I got so dizzy that I just puked then passed out beside the road. That's when I woke up. The first few hours of being awake I still felt shooken.

PetesPassing  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What do you do, Hubski?

I didn't mean like therapy talk I meant just talking about stuff in general. Hope you get a job :)

PetesPassing  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What do you do, Hubski?

Wanna talk?

And maybe if the black dude had a gun they would all be dead.

I don't need to, becuase it's irrelevant. The article is about a man being stabbed who cares what his political beliefs were?

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