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Some dude from Turkey.

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Im not super sure by the way. So might be a good to do some more research before buying.

I know Im mostly annoyed that they came out with the galaxy s4 active a month after I bought my s4. I think its really odd that they have such a rapid release cycle.

I really don't understand Samsungs strategy with all these Galaxy models. It feels like they are releasing a new model every month.

Huxley  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Music Swap #1 - The Playlists

This was great guys thanks for all the amazing music. Cant wait for the next one.

The Rasberry Pi is like a mini computer can be used for the same stuff and more. This is more for prototyping and making stuff like a automated fish feeder. I would get both.

Huxley  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What Have You Been Playing Lately?

Ive been playing more sc2 then I should for a while now. Other then sc2 I picked up The Last Of Us last week and been enjoying it a lot. Its a nice step back from the stress of laddering.

Same story as me. I also found myself posting more and commenting more then I usually do on reddit because of the great environment.

I agree VW does a great job in creating balance between the core of the logo and modernization. It's sad to say but the Nazi's really cared about graphic design and typography, so its a great logo to begin with. I don’t know how accurate it is but(I will also link that article below) the Alpha logo has the coat of arms of a Italian family that had victories in the crusades. I always wondered about the Giant fish on Nokia's first iteration.

Alpha Logo:

Could not decide if I should be posting this in a comment or making another post but its relevant to the topic(sorry new here). These are some logo evolutions of major brands over the years. We looked over them in a branding class last year and when I saw this thread reminded of it so I dug it up from last years pdf's. The changes over the years is actually very interesting.


Just asked my roommate about it(he works at the fablab) Its system is apparently called fused deposition modeling and the one we have isnt any brand a student made a cnc machine for his thesis project and it was hacked into a 3d printer because the school could not buy a one. Still cool but super low resolution.

Great resource thanks. I liked how he goes into detail about each game type, going to read a bunch of them after I get out of work.

Late Night Edit: Just got home from a long day these are going to take a litte more effort then I can handle atm. I read the Strategy Brawl and seemed like a great idea to implement into a dungeon crawler type game with a persistent world,combined with a decision making system it would give you the feeling that the battles you are fighting are also effecting how to game plays out around you while also having direct effects on skill paths and loot. Was a great read and got me thinking about actually making a prototype for my idea. But that will have to wait for tommorow when I can actually think.

Are you my long lost brother ? I do mostly exact same stuff but with more of a focus on interactive media also studying Digital Design. The thing for me its the problem solving and the process of creating something that people will use is what really keeps me going. I also play drums with my old high school band from time to time nothing serious.

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