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I make let's plays, guides, and more.

Science fiction, music, medievalism (Society for Creative Anachronism and similar organizations), chess, go, backgammon, wargames, intellectual games of all kinds, role-playing games (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons), Magic: The Gathering, educational, logic puzzles, and ham radio related videos every day of the week (Sun.-Mon.). If you're looking for a channel that can inform and entertain you all at the same time, consider subscribing to be notified of PalomoPlays' new videos.

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Any nuts, trail mix, and/or granola bars. Neither of them need refrigeration, they can easily be fitted into backpacks, they aren't loud when consumed, nor are they particularly messy. Plus they taste great and can be healthy for you (healthier than chips anyway).

The Xubuntu and Kubuntu variants, I also recommend. They don't have the hideous and nigh-unusable "Unity" desktop interface that Ubuntu introduced as a default a few years later.

If you have to ask, choose Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is far and away the most accessible to Linux newbies. The Xubuntu and Kubuntu variants are actually better, though.

However, if you're wanting to move beyond Ubuntu, there are many options. Arch, Slackware and Gentoo are three common enthusiast destinations. Fedora, OpenSUSE and Debian itself are common moderately-involved choices.

Zealotry aside, there is no one be-all end-all distribution, so it may be wise to try a few before settling on one.

DistroWatch may also be useful.

The best established attentional training game is called dual n-back, and you can download and use the software free. You can probably tell from the name alone that dual n-back isn't exactly the instantly addictive ‘Bejewelled Blitz', but it has its charms in an oddly meditative way. The game requires you to simultaneously remember letters (spoken aloud by the computer) and locations of squares on a tic-tac-toe style grid (presented visually, obviously). At the easiest difficulty level, you need only remember the letters or locations from the previous round. At harder difficulty levels, you need to remember letters or locations from longer ago (the round-before-last, and so on). Harder difficulty levels quickly become fiendishly difficult and demanding, but you can always ease off and practice at the easier levels.

On the PC, you can play the dual n-back game by downloading the open-source software Brain Workshop. On the iPad, you can download the IQ boost app (also free). Both of these versions of the game come with full instructions.

It should be noted that research in this area is at an early stage, and your results may vary. Anecdotal comments on various internet sites report a range of benefits, from significant to none at all. Still, it never hurts to try. A common theme is that it takes dedicated practice to achieve significant results.

The title on the MUD explicitly says "... 404 Error: Now what??? ...."

I like to bring Casu marzu, a pecorino cheese and Sardinian specialty. I import it directly from Italy. I'll eat it sometimes with Sardinian flatbread which is imported from the same place. Most of my co-workers dislike it, but I can't help myself. It's very delicious. If you can ever get the chance, I would recommend trying it. It's expensive, though. I have family that live in Italy that are friends with the makers of the cheese, so I can get it cheaper than what it would normally cost.

Do you teach in South Korea?

I didn't make this. reddit user kyphoscoliosis is the creator. You can find more tilt-shift images like this one on reddit's /r/tiltshift. That's where I found the tilt-shifted Andromeda Galaxy.

Here is the Sombrero Galaxy in tilt-shift by the same user:

Streets Of Rage Remake v5 on PC with a friend. An independent program team called BomberGames spent eight years on this remake of the Streets of Rage series. Streets of Range Remake is a freeware game; it contains almost all characters, enemies, stages and features from the three original games (all enhanced), as well as brand-new features (branching route selection, new moves, new enemies, new stages, new game modes, secrets and cheats to unlock), a remixed soundtrack, and a customizable game engine. Do note that the game itself was taken down, but mirrors can easily be found with a bit of searching. It's a pretty fun beat 'em up game. The only downsides I can think of is the lack of online-coop, and the motorbike and jetski stages are kind of annoying. However, it's still a great game to play, especially if you have a friend with you. (You don't need a friend, but games are always more fun with them, no?)

PalomoPlays  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Best VPS Providers?

PPTP isn't secure. Avoid PPTP. In truth, it is dead. OpenVPN has much better encryption, can bypass censorship and is better suited for computers and laptops on the go. There are other protocols but they are less used. L2TPs use is dwindling, IPSEC is too hard, and SSTP is generally only used in networks and countries where PPTP is blocked, as well, it is rarely provided with the exception of StrongVPN, which keeps logs. Go with OpenVPN. I would do your own research or ask someone else, though. I'm not an expert in this field.

PalomoPlays  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Best VPS Providers?

I suggest reading "Which VPN Service Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously?," an article on TorrentFreak. Another article on TorrentFreak I would suggest reading: "How To Make VPNs Even More Secure."

Personally, I prefer to run my own VPN for $10/$15 a year using a cheap 128MB VPS from either BuyVM [the best] or 123Systems [don't respond to support tickets]. You can also use it for other such as running a very small seedbox or web seed, or a bittorrent tracker. The problem with this is that if you use legitimate details, the VPN could be traced back to you, but that's the same with VPNs that use a dedicated IP address who will cut you off, but using a shared IP address could mean a couple of software conflicts.

Edit: Whoops, I thought you said "VPN" not "VPS." A VPS provider I would highly recommend: Linode. It is a bit expensive compared to other VPS providers, but it is worth it. It has tons of great features, is always up, and support is very helpful. Their entire clusters are built from scratch, and as I understand it they own all their hardware. They're also one of the more reputable VPS providers out there.

I suggest Adblock Edge. Adblock Edge is a fork of the Adblock Plus version 2.1.2 extension. The fork provides the same features as Adblock Plus 2.X and higher but without the "acceptable ads" feature. Adblock Edge was primarily branched off from Adblock Plus 2.1.2 source code package. (Firefox only.)

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