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I like to play through the vanilla game first and then find some mods to change it up. Could be anything from mods that make the content more challenging to mods that make it into a completely different game.

The one I am most looking forward to right now is Final Fantasy 15 as well as the FF7 remake. I also am super hyped for the Vive and am looking forward to any games put out for that, as well as being able to play all my other games in VR.

Dawn of War. Maybe I'll install it and take a gander.

I have warhammer 40k but have never played it. I think it was in a Humble Bundle with something else that I wanted. Maybe I'll install it and give it a go.

Gerry Duggan with Mike Hawethorne and Tony Moore as the artists.

Drakonisch  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: PSA: Welcome to Hubski, Redditors.

I somewhat agree, but I'd like to give up reddit entirely based on the direction it's going. My real hope is that they turn it around and Reddit doesn't become a shithole full of paywalled AMA's and targeted advertising. I really like reddit and don't want to see it die.

I didn't like the ending either. I would have been A-OK with them ending it with him "killing" Deadpool by hanging up the costume to be Wade Wilson. Which was where I thought it was going at first.

I hope the next run they do post Secret Wars is better. I am really enjoying the latest Moon Knight run though.

Basically you signed up at and linked your reddit account to it. Then when you signed up for a gift exchange (secret santa being one of many) you would get paired with someone else who signed up for the same exchange. You would then get a link to their profile where they enumerate their likes and dislikes and you would get an address to send your gift to.

It will probably be the only thing I miss about Reddit. I'm seriously liking hubski from the little bit I've seen though.

I'm still waiting to see how it goes. In the meantime I've been reading the Now! series for Moon Knight while I wait for Deadpool to come back.

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