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Well that's awkward. Sorry for that. Not sure why I dropped out.

Think I might give it a go.

28169_2014-006A  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Man do I love the internet


Yeah, thats the thing. There is nothing "useful". Useful would be if one gets something from it and feel satisfied after closing Facebook. There is nothing too gain from it, news and articles I get from somewhere else and where I can have/see discussions. I'm not interested in what x did or see their pictures.

I wonder if it because people don't care and do nothing about it....

I admit, it might be some extreme cases and it all depends in what type of people you have on Facebook, but, I still think there is a sense of a type of addiction (even small) of needing attention and one-upping the other.

And it was a bit of rant, not thinking straight. But I still believe that 90% of the content is mindless and useless. And seeing that is not fun.

P.s I think most people get sick and tired seeing other people lives, it usually has a hate or envy effect. I think.

Facebook is just pure evil, maybe theres a bit of hell in there too. The length i've seen people go just for a few likes or getting freinds is just absurd!

I only had Facebook for a year or two a long time ago and that was already enough. It can't be healthy for people who crave likes and attention the way they do. And don't get me started the shit i've seen on others timeline(?)

"The reality here, however, is that it's our young social media users who are out of touch -- or at least painfully oblivious to the way the tools and platforms they're using in turn use them. They grew up with this stuff in their lives, and they accept these tools at face value, as features of the natural landscape. Not so. They were made by companies whose interests go far beyond helping kids express themselves and make friends. Our kids are not the customers here; they are both the product and the unwitting labor."

That scares me..

Swedish, English both fluent and a bit of Dutch. Grew up in South Africa with a Swedish mother where my Swedish was improved. Moved to Sweden with Holland as a pit stop for a couple of years.

It's really interesting how different cultures affect your identity. Though being South African will always be my true identity, with a bit of Scandinavian and possibly Dutch in the mixture. But mostly South African.

Learning German might be easier which will help if I choose to move there (Job intrest) and I will at some point re-learn Dutch to a fluent degree.

28169_2014-006A  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Man do I love the internet

I wish I had time for Eve, but unfortunately that's not happening. Nor any MMO, just have not time time investing games.

Dota 2 is in there. But it's mostly Rocket League 1v1 suprising enough.

"having some fun with people you wouldn't let into your life otherwise every once in a while is fine."

That is something I'm definitely trying to work on. A rewarding but stupidly challenging for me. But, I do have a small goal. Tomorrow, there is a type of casual party, which is the best place to meet people. So, I will put my self out there and way outside my comfort zone. Should be intresting :)

Even though it is Reddit, here is an constant update on things:

Some useful things do come off from Reddit..

Man, this is exciting. I believe its almost a guarantee that we will find life within our lifetime in the Solar System. Though not as cocky, I'd bet my car on the findings of life on Europa.

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