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seems these days I'm captive in this borrowed time

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Someone asked me what my favorite album of 2019 was so far, and I realized I've been keeping terrible track of new releases! The two that occurred to me right away were UFOF, the new album by Big Thief, and a very recent EP by a neat band called floral print, but I'm curious of other people's favorites. What am I missing out on?

might enjoy this!

malen  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Tim Buckley - Gypsy Woman

Amazing song, amazing album, and one of the best songwriters of all time. Awesome to hear this again!

Been listening to this album a lot lately. Very dreamlike for me

New PC single is good as hell:

Love punk, love jazz:

I didn't know there was a remaster of this album until recently:

Love John Cale. Another beautiful track from the same album:

Couldn't decide which to post. Point is I wish I could write songs like this.

"You know the dirt ain't dirt in California,"

she laughed, "It's more like golden dust."

"But, I've been there before and there's a bridge.

It's made of gold, but the gates still rust."

This ex-


Meets re-


Back to

subsistence, yeah

Listening to Lou Reed's "Live: Take No Prisoners." It's pretty great, for most of the songs he doesn't even sing the lyrics, just rants about something for like 10 minutes.

Also listening to an album by a weird New York band/collective called PC Worship. Allegedly, they build their own instruments out of literal garbage lying around their apartments. They're pretty good at any rate.

And also listening to Tyvek, a power punk band from Detroit that's REALLY stoked to be from Detroit. I think they're sweet.

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