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|The basic issue is that they've run on opposition to an existing thing, not on the championship of a hypothetical thing.

Democrats often have a similar problem

It's a tough question tbh. If you're going to have the brass balls to pass a bill that continues the already out-of-control transfer of wealth to the hyper wealthy (by pulling it from the citizenry's HEALTH coverage nonetheless) you should have rehearsed some better lies and obfuscation. If you wanna do it the right way go look at Tom "smoke and mirrors" Price on his CNN Town Hall.

Needle Points


The Orange Drop

I started doing what I guess is the friendly music-related equivalent of "opposition research" and looked into local bands playing the same genre (psych rock) as us but a few "tiers" up so to speak. Both of these bands are standouts to me.

(If you like either I'd check out Needle Points' other album and see if they're playing near you as they are currently touring in the US).

lachumproyale  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Butthole Surfers - Pepper

Downloaded this whole album a while ago just for this song. The rest is killer too: The Lord is a Monkey, My Brother's Wife, Cough Syrup, Thermador, Ulcer Breakout.

Quite the gem. They're about as filthy and grimy as you can get in psychedelic rock.

Just put this bad boy out and am working on more of the same. It was weird the day we released this - I put all my ducks in a row, got it out and made sure all the social media posts were scheduled to go off at the right times... then just went into the next room and started working on more (drums).

It never ends. I guess we are sorta lucky that our principal songwriter always keeps a daunting list of demos ahead of us. It's sort of scary though.

I feel the same way about Hillary's platform. And it seems that the more I do learn about it (via slow trickle), the more she looks like more of the same. With Obama it wasn't super obvious but with Hillary it is.

Sanders gets my vote for the simple fact that he's running on ideas that are, essentially, my own. And I think he's got an OK shot because I'm not the only person who feels this way.

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