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An undergraduate in Computer Science and music enthusiast who wishes he read more books, rode more bikes, and took more trips, is deeply insecure about his future and social life, and is preoccupied with his long-term happiness.

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During the southern hemisphere summer, I'll be visiting home for a couple weeks and doing some skiing, and then going on a two-week tour of the southern US with the Cornell University Glee Club before heading back to school.

During the northern hemisphere summer, I'll be interning at Google in Mountain View.

I'd like to join. I will also be kicking off the second cd exchange quite soon.

ike  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Following authors?

I know I've also seen posts in which a short story or poem written by someone else is simply pasted in as text.

I've been listening to "Found And Lost" by Tonikom. Definitely one of the better electronic albums I've listened to recently. Very pleasant.

ike  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What song makes you cry when you hear it?

* The fourth verse of "Amazing Grace"

* "Poison Oak" by Bright Eyes

    liek dis if u cry evertim

I'm not really sure why, but I'm always annoyed when linked to upworthy instead of directly to the video or whatever. Great video though, thanks for posting.

I think you're actually pretty correct. I have a problem with Rand and the book because, while selfish, arrogant jerks often do provide valuable advancements to society, Rand openly holds those who dare to give a damn about anyone or anything other than themselves in contempt: they're the scourge of society; they're dangerous; they spread their mediocrity like a disease. Her relentless demonization of benevolence makes me sick.

Also, the novel sucks. It's a thousand pages of Rand transparently ranting through totally unbelievable, unrelatable, contrived characters.

I read it a couple years ago. Can I complain about it now, or should I wait till the 20th?

ike  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Update: Share count test

I just opened my list of users whom I follow to test this out, and it's quite buggy within that pop-up. The number doesn't always appear right next to the name I'm hovering over, and for some doesn't appear at all.

Why would verbalizing your current state be fundamentally different from any other action?

Hmm... Yes. There is a difference. Maybe I need to clarify my original statement.

In this situation, I stand by my words. A life taken from inaction is no better than one taken from action in this situation, because either way, my action was one with benevolent intent.

If one is acting with malevolent intent, things change. In that situation, I'd say that it makes you a worse person to kill than to let die. However, the net good (or bad) created from your actions still remains the same in either way, even in this context.

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