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Awesome, thanks for the help! I have a good feeling that I'll actually learn it this time around.

Did you use Youtube videos to learn? If so, which videos? Did you learn along with anyone, or completely by yourself? Are there any tools that you would recommend?

Jon's life sucks both with Garfield, and without him. So basically Jon's life just sucks.

Could you speak a little more on learning guitar? I tried to teach myself, but my guitar ended up sitting in the corner of my room unplayed. It's been there far too long now and I'm interested in getting back into it.

San Diego, California. The weather was perfect every day while I was there and the pace of life just seemed so relaxed. That is probably where I would retire.

    She just said a bunch of things I like to hear.

This is exactly how I feel. I'm going to be skeptical of any candidate until I hear actual plans or real action from them. I'm thinking this is just her trying to get the far left vote.

I believe that too many generous people get taken advantage of.

I believe that it's worth risking being taken advantage of to be generous.

I believe that there are alien civilizations in our galactic neighborhood

I believe that bacon is great!

Ah, good ol' Archigram. Instant City is another classic.

I'm stuck between Smash 4 and Melee. I like Melee's speed, but I've been playing 4 a lot recently and I main Greninja. How about you?

Thanks for letting me know! It's good to know there's at least another one among us.

That was a good read.

If we were to make a code of ethics, we'd have to make sure to enforce it. I could see this becoming something people look at and say "oh that's cute" while they exploit a planet. And also I hope, if a sentient alien species does find us, that they worry about ethics too.

I just finished souls 1 and I'm already hooked! I usually play on steam. How about you?

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