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This sure hits close to home. I hooked up with a girls Friday night and maaaaan was it detached and vapid. I didn't even know her last name until the morning.

That is one of the few times it's socially acceptable to punch your screen.

I'm glad that they're going to be lifting some of the restrictions. It's way too hard to get a gun here in the Bay Area.

A protective order is the not the same as a crime. The court order is there because someone could commit the crime, so he is ordered to stay away so that he doesn't. There is by and large a low burden of proof to obtain a restraining order because the inconvenience to the restrained person is so low as compared to the increased safety of the victim. HOWEVER, the right to possess a firearm is a very important right; the removal of which ought to require the actual commitment of a crime as opposed to someone accusing the possibility of a crime being committed. Keep in mind that the Supreme Court holds freedom of speech in the same echelon as the right to bear arms since McDonald v. Chicago. In addition, the vast majority of firearms are unregistered in the United States, making the police seizing a gun owner's property an impossibility in most cases.

Like it or not, as long as gun ownership remains a fundamental right in the USA, the best thing for someone filing a restraining order against a gun owner is to buy a gun herself.

Maybe it's cutting across state lines because the state congressmen are trying to protect a fundamental right?

Bluegrass + Gangsta Rap = Gangstagrass.

I signed up for the trial, but I still haven't gotten any info on it. Oh well.

TallPaul  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's your far-fetched dream?

Survive on my own in the Alaskan wilderness for five years. I know a lot about survival, but there's no way I would last even one Alaskan winter.

That's what I like about it. Getting the amulet is so impossible that when I finally get it, I'm going to be floored.

Brogue is by far my favorite. It strips down a roguelike to it's core design decisions and looks great.

The Forever War

TallPaul  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez dies

For four months, my friend's sister has been preparing a presentation on Venezuelan government.

One hour before she gave it today, Hugo Chavez died.

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