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i've been seeking out the coziest winter albums that suit the gloomy weather.

1. the microphones - the glow pt. 2. ace album that's essential for wrapping yourself up in a blanket and drinking hot cocoa. melancholy and moving; it's my favorite album of the moment.

2. electric president - electric president. a 2006 release that is SCARILY reminiscent of the postal service; they incorporate the same dramatic synth swooshes, cutesy-lonely lyrics, and indietronica elements. beautifully arranged album. check it out this insant if you're a fan of tps.

3. the antlers - in the attic of the universe. ITAOTU is a comfy, quiet little concept album. it's slow and nuanced; it might be my favorite album by the antlers.

4. lorde - no better. no better is a new single lorde released a few days ago that didn't make it onto pure heroine. i like the clean hip-hop style of the song. it's short, but infectious and sweet.

i was frantically refreshing the page yesterday at 10:00 waiting for this list to go up. I'M SO HAPPY THAT MODERN VAMPIRES IS THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR. vampire weekend deserved the hell out of it. i've seen some people criticize the choice because it's "too pretentious" or "too safe", but i don't agree with that. it's the band's most mature release to date, and it was beautifully produced and assembled. it was clearly made with a ton of labor, effort, and love.

that said, i can't understand why majical cloudz, chvrches, and haim made it onto the list, but albums of tim hecker quality didn't.

man, i hate that. it's aggravating. it's a sign that they think that they know what you're going to say. HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW?! don't assume things for me!

lappelduvide  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's up Hubski?

london weather sounds dreamy. gloomy weather breeds sentimentality.

let's do this, dudes.

1. bon iver - for emma, forever ago; so insanely perfect and fitting to the shivery weather outside. accompanied with a tea, sweater, and fluffy comforter, it is buh-liss.

2. kanye west - hold my liquor & on sight. funnily enough, can't get these two out of my head. YEEZY SEASON APPROACHING

and it's distilled to those, only. i'm faced with the curse of the "same old same old". it's becoming tiring, but unfortunately i lack the patience/presence to come upon enjoyable new music. TRYING. endeavoring.

the ghirardelli square is heaaaaven. san fran is ~6 hours away from me. i should take a road trip there soon.

animal collective - sung tongs. listen to the entire album, perfect for fall. my personal favorite is kids on holiday.

arcade fire's new album reflektor leaked this week so that's been on repeat, too. i despised it upon first listen, but it's grown on me. notable mentions: awful sound (oh eurydice) & it's never over (oh orpheus). i've been listening to funeral a lot this week, too.

lappelduvide  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski's Thoughts on Free Will

being aware of what will happen in the future is certainly going to shape the opportunities one jumps at in the present moment. if one knows that situation x is going to end situation x way, he or she will be burdened, relieved, etc. by the awareness of what is going to happen.

having a mental forecast of the future can change one's mindset and approach, because he or she is AWARE of striving towards (or against, or whatever) some goal.

is this an example of schrodinger's theory? essentially, you do not know the possible outcome of something until you solidify the theory in your mind. it then reduces the idea of a surprising outcome / decreases the idea that something can be chalked up to free will or fate.

i can't. stop. listening. to in the aeroplane over the sea (the entire album).

neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea / the king of carrot flowers (all parts) / two-headed boy are favorites. oh my gaaah. next time NMH is around i'm so down.

ALSO. lorde is freaking fantastic and i'm addicted to ribs. for full effect, listen to this in your car or with headphones on. amazing 360/binaural riffs that you can't feel with tinny laptop speakers.

lastly, i got back on p!atd. yeah, i know, don't laugh at me. something about pop-punk was really appealing to me, so... my favorites off of fever you can't sweat out (right now) are but it's better if you do -> i write sins not tragedies. listen to it in that order, g-reeeat transition.

yeeeah. good music week!

i absolutely adore ezra koenig. it's not creepy or anything. i swear.

my favorite part of the review:


Me, Panda and Nathan are walking to the show after getting some BBQ in the East Village (NOT MY IDEA). Panda and Nathan won’t stop talking about guys from their college frat. I smile and pretend to follow their rando stories. They keep saying “Oh, this is probably so boring for you. You don’t know anyone from our college.” BUT THEN THEY JUST KEEP ON REMINISCING."

i'm reading a couple at a time, lol. i hope i don't sound like a right ass saying that.

1. we need to talk about kevin by lionel shriver

2. here kitty kitty by jardine libaire

3. the pleasure of my company by steve martin

4. the beautiful and damned by f. scott fitzgerald (a short story, i think)

i guess all of them are psychological stories. all pretty damn good.

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