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Massage therapist from Canada. Love music, politics, history and literature.

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hugitout  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Any other reddit exiles ?

I think people want to blame modding for the condition of the main subs. Plus, who doesn't love a good conspiracy?

Pretty messed up.

I have a sort of related story. My friend grew up in Venezuela, in a traditional, religious family. He has some pretty weird views about homosexuality. He believes it to be a choice. He believes gays just choose to be attracted to the same sex. He thinks its become a cool new thing to say to get attention. I know, its weird. Any of you have similar stories? how did you approach it? We talked about it here and there, but I just don't bring it up anymore.

I think there is a huge market for this kinda thing. Judging by the updates at the end of the article, the app is doing pretty good.

hugitout  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Its been a long time

you gotta eat. force yourself. drink water too. eating can be tough when you're depressed, but its gotta be done. food can be a comfort. I really feel like I accomplish something when I cook for myself. It helps the depression.

hugitout  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Antidote to Burnout is Progress

Great article. I'm going to check out this IDoneThis thing.

I did a project on that song back in high school. Cool fact, the piano solo part was played by George Martin, who played it slower than it sounds, and then sped it up for the actual track. This is very noticeable at the end of the solo where it sounds very quick and impressively well timed.

I spent 6 months in Australia, backpacking with my girlfriend. It was fun, but I think at this point I would want a more permanent move, like renting an apartment, getting a decent job and living in the new place for a couple of years. Lately my gf and I have been bouncing around the idea of moving to Washington state. There's a program at Gonzaga that my gf wants to enroll in, and I just want a new adventure. We're young, healthy, and have no kids, so now is the time, haha.

My advice is to research it. Find out if it is viable. If it can be done, do it! It's easier than most people think.

This is a huge issue. Especially coupled with the rise of the NDP, and the collapse of the Liberal party. I don't think it will get any better either, as it seems like the NDP are going to be popular from now on, and the Liberals just elected Canadian royalty to be there leader. I think it's time to seriously consider a coalition government, especially if the Cons are able to get a minority gov't again. Coalition governments are a staple in many European countries. Neither of the two parties ( libs and NDP) have really been open to the idea yet, but I think they need to just try harder. As you said, they both lean left, no reason why they can't lead this country together.

Just so I'm clear, I'm talking post election, and only if it looks like the Cons are going to retain power. I don't think the NDP and Liberals should merge right now.

Other than that, I got to meet Justin Trudeau on PEI and have great hopes for a resurgence of the Liberal party in the next election.

I love reading Matt taibbi. I need to get a new subscription to Rolling Stone. I had my subscription when Bush was in power and Matt was having a field day bringing to light all the dumb stuff he was doing.

Part of the issue is how the system is set up here. We are following the US trend of having a leader as the main draw to the party. The problem is that Harper has made it clear that its his way or the highway, and Conservatives are being made to tow the line.

Imagine if the POTUS was the leader of the party in power, by number of seats. Imagine that the president can then tell his majority to do whatever it is he wants it to do. Now picture him being hard on people who don't fall in line. This is what's going on in Canada. No one is sticking up to Harper except the Opposition parties, who can do a lot of huffing and puffing, but can't blow anybody's house down. The message to people who disagree with the government is to wait it out. So people are paying less and less attention to politics, which seems to be what they want. It's a downward spiral right now.

I've been paying more attention to American politics as well, because at least in the States there seems to be some sort of hope and conversation going on. Canadian politics has been depressing for a few years now. The Conservatives don't like to answer a lot of questions. A lot of big decisions are being made behind closed doors. They have the power right now, and it doesn't seem like there is much we (the public) can do about.

hugitout  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Book Club

I am in.

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