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This reminds me a bit of an interesting story on outsourcing news articles. It was on This American Life:

done. i wasn't aware i could do that, thanks!

thank you, i used the 'share' button from the verge's website to get the link and apparently it doesn't work well.

i understand what you're saying, but any phone could be modified to run a script like that, including windows phones or iphones. the point of the contest is to highlight the out of the box/official feature it has. if you open up the contest in your way, then really it's just a battle of hardware specs (what device can snap a picture and upload it the fastest).

im sure there are any number of ways someone could beat the system using scripts or other prepared methods, but it would be stupid of MS not to think of this before hand and put it in the fine print.

i mean, writing a script would probably be seen as cheating in most eyes anyways, not just microsoft's.

The Maranda rights should of course be read to him. If he confesses without being read the rights, his confession could be thrown out of court. they can question him about other bombs and immediate threats to public safety without being read the rights, because the goal at that point is safety. I don't particularly care about any charges of future conspiracy to commit crimes, we can already get him on the marathon bombings (if he indeed did it) and the other crimes. so there's no need to at conspiracy to commit crimes at the risk of public safety.

so in short, ask him about any other bombs and things of that nature; we won't be able to use it against him in court, but who cares, public safety should come first. then read him his rights and ask him about the things he's already done, which we then will be able to use in court.

if they don't read him his rights at all, they will have to treat his actions as an act of war, which will just make things more complicated and dangerous. what's the point?

been digging carton's dreamy grunge pop for a while now.

nah, i've only been once for lollapalooza in 06. i love the city, but im about a 17 hour drive away.

yeah, sorry. i think with jazz the best recordings are the ones from gigs. the energy of an audience really adds to the atmosphere of the record. not that this is bad by any means, i love it. it just makes me wish i could see you guys live :)

Very nice, how was this recorded? ever plan on doing live recordings?

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