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What exactly is it that you are muting?

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I'm not sure that this rail system will be all it's chalked up to be, barring China managing to shut down ocean based freight. The ocean based stuff is slower, but a lot cheaper. Secondly, it doesn't rely on many unstable regions and political bullshit threatening to shut down the system at any moment.

There's a reason the US established worldwide trade through the ocean rather than through europe.

Maybe this will all go well, but I am skeptical. Remember that "sounds good on paper" and "sounds good to the common man" are not "is good for the economy"

I have zero respect for scifi awards of any kind at this point.

I have a laptop with vPro, actually. I can't figure out how to disable it, though. I'm guessing it is off unless you turn it on by default.

I did explore my BIOS, though, and I can make my computer display a custom logo at boot. Super cool, I love these business elite laptops (got cheap on ebay).

Free speech is an ideal, like donating to charity. Government may not restrict your free speech by law. Everyone else shouldn't restrict your free speech because they aren't scumbags. If they do, then they are scumbags, and should be treated as such.

bioemerl  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubsketiquette?

1) The share button is an upvote.

2) Follower counts make you cool.

3) Just repost news articles or blogs and you'll do fine.

Not really saying reddit is dead, just sort of being overdramatic for fun.

If it wasn't, then it's certainly going to become something based on the reaction to this bullshit as trump supporters and the likes adopt the handsign because it's kinda hilarious.

bioemerl  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Buying Silicon Valley's Horseshit

I'm just waiting for these stupid companies and stupid people to crash and cause the next recession.

Another interesting point is that that graph of the "gap' is worse in cities than in the country, and people have been moving into cities.

    Who's we? Americans?

Yes, and the west in general at the moment.

    More people are making money all over the world today and Americans already have it much better than most in almost every way. I don't want to go back.

That's a massive excuse. People in the US should be better off today than they were yesterday, even if they were better off than everyone else. Our wealth in the US is growing just as it always has, but it is being siphoned off of us by those who are gaming our systems for their benefit.

Our gain of wealth from those who are at the top is not stealing from the Chinese. The wealth is here in the US already, it's not being taken from China. I'm not saying we move jobs here, I'm saying we change taxes and other systems that allow wealth to accumulate as it has.

We can all benefit from global trade. We should all benefit from global trade. Even if it is the wealthy and the Chinese profiting off the American people at our expense because "well, we have it good already", than we can, we should, and we will, shut it down.

Populism is on the rise for good reason.

    However, distributing current GDP growth more equally across income groups as in the 1940 birth cohort would reverse more than 70% of the decline in mobility. These results imply that reviving the “American dream” of high rates of absolute mobility would require economic growth that is shared more broadly across the income distribution.

This is an argument against that. The US is growing, we just aren't getting a chunk of it because it's all collected at the top.

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