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I think her appeal will be pretty wide. I was a Sanders guy in 2016 and even with this Native American BS she'd still be a top pick for me, especially since I've moved away from Sanders on a lot of issues.

It's hardly news that Google will set their values aside for the sake of profit. Considering how much Google already collaborates with our national intelligence agencies, this seems par for the course.

These were peer-reviewed. And in some cases the reviewer's suggestions pretty clearly indicated they understood it.

Was he asking for a recount, though? Seems like circlejerking when you're pointing out that fact that he can't ask for a recount if he wasn't anyways.

The idea that you can't ask for a recount when you're far enough apart in votes seems reasonable, but the question is where that threshold would be. According to the stats I just googled with minimal effort, Trump's win was by a large fraction of a percent. While it's not a huge win, it is large enough to where a recount wouldn't change anything, unless you've got outright election fraud going on.

The author spends 2/3rds of the "article" citing Trump's behavior as a reason to "Vote against all Republicans. Every single one." Much of the other third of the article is still Trump related, but in a way that tries to indict Senate and House republicans.

I wish we had a real reason to vote for democrats other than the anti-Trump angle, but we don't.

We can build new power plants, and you're talking about the types of water usage that are going to be cut last.

Agriculture actually takes up the vast majority of water usage, and there are lots of types of farming that use more water than others. This is also ignoring the fact that in many areas there will be increased precipitation and a larger number of growing days per year, meaning more potential food can be grown.

Climate change will cause major problems, but I just don't see your scenario happening.

It's a combination of high pricing and mortgage interest rates finally climbing. When you're talking about houses in the several hundred thousand dollar range, a 1% interest spike means several hundred a month in interest

That DNA test was an embarrassment. I was a huge Bernie supporter during the 2016 cycle (made hundreds of calls, gave around $300 to his campaign), and it was frustrating to watch Warren sit on the sidelines, especially with how close Bernie ended up coming.

I would still be OK with Warren as the Democratic nominee, though. I'm definitely less of a fan that I was 5 years ago, but I have reservations about Bernie's age, and I'm still annoyed that he gave my contact info to some part of the democratic machine; I still get texts asking me to volunteer for random candidates I don't give a shit about. Him as the president, Giffords as his running mate, but I would be OK with Warren instead

What's the destination?

It's pretty easy to check someone's retweets. This article is a fluff piece

Nepotist  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Rich White Civil War

The comparison to cults is due the degree of conformity expressed, not particular positions. As to the "fake" problem, I was thinking about the people that try to compare Trump supporters to Nazis, but it was vague and worded poorly

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