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comment by Nepotist

Was he asking for a recount, though? Seems like circlejerking when you're pointing out that fact that he can't ask for a recount if he wasn't anyways.

The idea that you can't ask for a recount when you're far enough apart in votes seems reasonable, but the question is where that threshold would be. According to the stats I just googled with minimal effort, Trump's win was by a large fraction of a percent. While it's not a huge win, it is large enough to where a recount wouldn't change anything, unless you've got outright election fraud going on.

Odder  ·  632 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Yeah, he was probably going to. He waited until the next day to concede even though he was down by almost 1 percent and the only uncounted ballots were from a predominantly blue part of Milwaukee.