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Thank you for your answer, it sounds reasonable. Also thank you for the site.

This is a very good idea but I have to ask this: what are you going to do if your site archives a deleted comment that was deleted because it was illegal? (like CP or personal information)

I know they don't, I would like to discover how much time I can be there without going crazy.

I wish I could understand spoken English better, I still can't watch videos in English and understand them.

I would like experience an anechoic chamber too, I know I'm never in complete silence but I like that almost silence that I can experience at night.

Yes really, I have everything in silence (computer, phone) and I love this moment of the night when I can't hear a single sound.

Edit: I'm not as weird as you think, I like to listen to music sometimes but I don't do it very often (maybe less than 5 times per month).

I feel different to everyone else here, I don't listen to music or do any activity at all, I love silence, I can stay in a "disconnected from the real world" state for hours without doing anything at all.

If I feel depressed my solution is different, I write, I love writing when I'm depressed and it always makes me feel better.

Thank for your answer, I will do what the other people recommend and filter the users who spam, maybe I didn't ask the right question, I wanted to know how anti-spam filters work here and how I could help you in the fight against spam. I understand that this is a hobby project and that the admins have day jobs and can't spend their whole day fighting against spam.

I'm already filtering #spam, I don't want to filter new users because they may be legit users (by the way the user I linked is an 19 days old user).

What happens to people who don't have an username here? Is #spam filtered for them? Are new users filtered for them?

I don't think that a human made canal should be a defining factor to separate a land into two continents.

I don't know too much about geography, is the canal natural or artificial? Is it really a defining factor to be used as a separation between two continents?

You are right, I completely forgot about history when I asked the question. In your opinion what number of continents is the most accurate?

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