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30 something from the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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First, that looks like a salad or pasta bowl. Soup generally won't get served without a plate beneath it. Second, dem scallops look delicious.

Said nothing of the sort. I was only replying to the "Apparently this is okay now" comment, like kids never did this shit before. It's not "okay now", because it was being investigated and being taken VERY seriously by the school. It was just that sentiment of "Well Trump is president I guess it's okay to be racist now" type part that is kind of annoying, you know? Yeah, call it out. Everyone should. I do. It was just that passive aggressive part of the comment that gets to me. NO, of course this isn't okay.

That being said, because of the whole race issues being in the media thing, it's going to be over reported. So no, it's not okay, and people should call them out. My comment was not condoning these actions and I'm sorry if that wasn't clear.

When I'm using a stall at a bar, me seeing the words "faggot" or "nigger" written on the wall generally don't make national news. THAT is what I was getting at.

    I have heard stories about kids being overtly racist in a school setting, which is apparently okay now.

It's not okay now, I just think it's being reported more now. "Kid writes N word in bathroom stall at local high school" wasn't a story a story a year ago, but now that the national conversation is focusing around Trump, and racism, and xenophobia, those stories get published and broadcast.

bfv below linked a story from Minnesota, where I live, and I don't think that is acceptable by any means. The vast majority of people don't. We would have never heard that story a year ago, but if we were to look at all middle and high school bathrooms, I'm sure we could find plenty of edgy kids who wrote the N word on something, or drew a swastika, etc.

It's entirely wrong, no disagreement there. I just think it's another one of those things that's going to be over-reported now.

This was a GTO launch profile, so the landing was much more complex. The first stage was coming back at a higher speed and ballistic arc. The first landing they only had to do a single engine burn for the landing. This one, because of the increased speed, was a three engine burn. Much more complex, and they still nailed it.

My guess is all of the previous barge failures were due to the nature of the barge movement based on the thrust pushing it around. They have that solved now, so they should be good here on out... at least "most of the time." Bottom line is, the FIRST time they attempted to land at the Cape, they nailed it, flawlessly. I think landing on an object that isn't moving and that you're own thrust isn't pushing around is much easier. Hence why the Cape landing worked the first time, and why they have had so many barge failures.


AlderaanDuran  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Dear hubski, why are you here?

I'm here because I like social aggregation sites, and Reddit is just too full of... well... people that just want to circlejerk. There is no discussion there in the larger subs, though the smaller subs are still pretty good. I belong to some smaller Reddit subs that I still enjoy, but the "big" subreddits are just the usual. You can read a headline, even if false/sensational, and know what all of the comments are going to be about even before clicking. Hubski is different in that regard, but I believe only because it's still smallish. Good discussion still happens here. But it lacks the population to make smaller niche hobbies/interests popular topics here.

I've had an account for over 3 years now, and was more active in the past. I got married, bought a house, had a daughter, and don't really spend a lot of time on sites like this, or on my computer in general. I still lurk, and occasionally comment, but that's about it. Even on a community like this, there's always a small handful of people that ruin it for me. So I just choose not to post, and read the links instead.

ALL communities on the internet suffer from that one or many free radical that shows up; That guy/girl that is always right and has to tell you why your opinions are wrong. Does he/she do that in real life? Probably not. But online, they get their kicks and ruin a lot of normal discussion between people. The reason I came here, yet the reason I don't participate much anymore, is because those people are everywhere online, even communities like this. But in the real world... they aren't there and don't have the same things to say. I get why people do it, but it's the one major downside of the internet discussion for me; some people aren't themselves. They play a part where they are the smartest, always right, have the right opinions on everything, and argue over the stupidest shit. I come to smaller communities like Hubksi to get away from them... but they are still here... They are everywhere on the internet.

Surprising... or maybe it isn't. That's why I came here, but that's also why I don't post much anymore.

AlderaanDuran  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Prince, dead at 57

I saw him live at the Dakota here in the twin cities. Tiny little venue where he played decades ago and still plays. Generally before he has a tour or new album he'll do like a whole weeks worth of shows there. Tickets to the actual shows are near impossible to get, but i got some rehearsal tickets, and have before. They are far better. Less people, more intimate, and it's pretty much just him practicing with his band and occasionally just going off on a shredding rampage on the guitar.

One time I was at the bar there there, and he appeared next to me asking for some bottled water to the bartender. Wearing his hoody, sunglasses, and being a little incognito. I made eye contact with him, nodded, and he said "sup boss", got his waters, and then left.

Pretty sure my heart stopped beating for like a minute.

AlderaanDuran  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Prince, dead at 57

Local from the Twin Cities here. It's fucking crazy. People are still mourning/partying today, people took off work, First Ave the club where Prince got his start and still a huge music venue here got government permission to stay open round the clock starting last night through Sunday. They are hosting a 24 hour Prince dance party the entire time, with some special guest local musicians playing as well. Every radio station is just playing Prince round the clock. Electronic billboards and displays are all going mostly purple.

This state took it pretty hard. Even if you weren't a fan of his music, Prince is the pinnacle worldwide celebrity from Minnesota and no one will ever top him. He was like our local Willy Wonka. Mysterious, perhaps strange at times, but entirely gifted and talented. He could have moved to LA, or NYC, or anywhere with a better music scene, but he didn't. He stayed right here where he was born. He was born here, lived here, recorded here, and died here. There's a lot to respect about that. The man was an international icon, and he called this place home. Everyone from here loves prince even if they don't love his music.

Some Pics from First Ave and other stuff: They had a no cover 18+ all night party. So naturally half the city showed up and the streets were filled for blocks in either direction.

AlderaanDuran  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Lets Encrypt SSL

    Certs expire after only 90 days

Yeah... that's a deal breaker for a company my size. Just on my two web apps I probably have 100+ certs and we do two year rotations. Yeah it's mostly scripted for the replacement, but I still gotta get on during a late night maint window, do a rolling release through the load pool, have QA smoke test each server, then do a pool smoke test, yada yada.

Not worth it. 90 days is far too fucking short. That introduces too much risk into an environment.

thank you for the info though!

AlderaanDuran  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Lets Encrypt SSL

Nice. I work in web hosting on the architecture/infrastructure side. I might look into this in the future. But we're a major financial, so hard to say if they'd bite, but I LOVE the idea. We're all SHA2 on Thawte currently, which honestly isn't the beacon of security when you think SSL certs anyway. Chrome, IE, and Firefox all checkout the Hubski cert as good for me. So... awesome!

Are certs free from Lets Encrypt? Even for profit sites, or for say, enterprise level sites? I cruised around their site a bit but didn't find the info I was looking for. The site had a lot of verbiage about how certs work which I'm all too familiar with, but didn't find the more industry info I was looking for. Perhaps I missed it.

Get a cheap and small apartment. Get a job. And honestly just sit on the savings until you have a routine, and a life for yourself where you are earning also. Think of it like a safety net and a "bonus", not a lottery ticket. There's nothing you could do with that money to retire on or anything. It's a lot, but it's not that much these days. Even if someone gave you some smart investment opportunity it could just as easily end up with you having half that money, or none of the money, as it would gaining profit.

Maybe use the money for education, or invest it in a secure low-risk fund, something like that. But the key is to get a place to stay, get off the streets, and get that shit in a fund where it isn't liquid. At least most of it. Get a job, get your own life together, and just save that money. Sure, maybe spend a LITTLE of it on yourself. Get yourself a nice place and maybe buy a TV and a laptop or something. But put the rest away.

EXACTLY. I'm just glad some people understand the difference. They ARE both doing amazing things, even if different. I'm impressed SpaceX can return a first stage back to the pad. I'm impresses the BO has actually re-used a stage. Both HUGE accomplishments. As a space nerd it's easy to see the difference, but to the average citizen they either don't care or hear the media's manufactured competition.

But at the end of the day, stuff is advancing so I guess it's win win.

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