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comment by AlderaanDuran
AlderaanDuran  ·  1329 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Prince, dead at 57

Local from the Twin Cities here. It's fucking crazy. People are still mourning/partying today, people took off work, First Ave the club where Prince got his start and still a huge music venue here got government permission to stay open round the clock starting last night through Sunday. They are hosting a 24 hour Prince dance party the entire time, with some special guest local musicians playing as well. Every radio station is just playing Prince round the clock. Electronic billboards and displays are all going mostly purple.

This state took it pretty hard. Even if you weren't a fan of his music, Prince is the pinnacle worldwide celebrity from Minnesota and no one will ever top him. He was like our local Willy Wonka. Mysterious, perhaps strange at times, but entirely gifted and talented. He could have moved to LA, or NYC, or anywhere with a better music scene, but he didn't. He stayed right here where he was born. He was born here, lived here, recorded here, and died here. There's a lot to respect about that. The man was an international icon, and he called this place home. Everyone from here loves prince even if they don't love his music.

Some Pics from First Ave and other stuff: They had a no cover 18+ all night party. So naturally half the city showed up and the streets were filled for blocks in either direction.