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In New York, I know the West Village and Chelsea are the most tremendous artistic hubs I've ever experienced. Truly the frontier of cultural progress, beauty and creativity. They're also some of the most affluent neighborhoods on the planet, so I don't know if that fits your quote.

I think the modern day 20's Paris would really be something like Hollywood, in terms of the grasp on popular culture and its total influence. But the world is so much more globalized I think the internet kind of voids any isolated niches of genius or creativity, unless it's intentionally hidden like an indie cafe in Brooklyn (not that they're genius).

I feel like I saw that post a month ago man, I totally forgot xD

Biography fanatic reporting for duty!

suggesting Carlos Santana's bio. Its a wild ride (ie 70s and 80s) and just fabulous entertainment in the life of a rock star that didnt get there the traditional way.. at all. Cant imagine a good reader taking much longer than two weeks.

uh_oh  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hailei Wang: Painting with Code

This is so cool. If you follow the 'generative art' link you'll see the Condensation Cube..just wicked.

It seems like shes trying to justify herself a bit in the beginning, comparing the programming to a "classical" painter and their brush. Who cares?! This is art and its awesome art, i didnt think for a moment that it is somehow less valuable. Maybe it takes less time, practice, or manual labor.. that's an argument of skill and virtue and its separate from the validity of the visually appealing work she has created-- and yes it has just as much a psychological/'deeper' intrigue as an oil painting. Its a pioneering creation; its new, unique, and just freakin' cool.

....something like that

Edit: I figured out what you were referring to, my b :P

Forgot to mention this in my second time writing, thanks! Also, I saw Foals in concert and they had a HUGE "Buddha & Cobras" print as their stage backdrop. Just an incredible show. I'll link the image when I get home.

These prints are available as €300 t-shirts in Germany by the way -_-

There's just no way to see it coming, I had to ease my way into looking at them. them.

I love that post of yours that you linked, our intentions are similar. In my first post of this tag I was in awe of how art can do things to me, its audience. When we look at a painting, really experience a painting, it's no longer striking a pose for us on a wall. We step into the painting's house now man. It can and will make its statement and will not hear your replies or care about your reaction. If we want to appreciate the art and find the meaning, we'll shut up and listen.

So, if you connect to a painting it will offer you the ideas you're referring to, regardless of "how much" is in it. I dont imagine a painting to he quantifiable like that. That green rectangle didn't have as much variety of color but it still made me really damn frustrated. If I just scrolled by the first Podhajsky, I would notice the vivid colors but I wouldn't have felt it's particular statement, which in that case to me personally was an invitation to explore.

You got me rambling, it would be better to ask you, is there truly art that can't be connected to an idea?

woah this is good! I should've made this tag public for you and others to share this stuff as well.

I dont know any art bloggers, thanks for the great start.

    Klein was a goddamn rockstar.

Well put. To be honest I haven't read too much on him yet so I didn't want to make any claims, but I can only imagine what kind of insanity he was cooking up back then. It seems like he had the collective energy of a culture about to burst into a new era, and he'd just been poking at the social tension that was building towards intense progressiveness (dead center of the 40s & 50s!). I could add a link to your comment in the Klein intro if you dont mind.

That Magritte is worth something proper I bet, find a reliable art collector/broker and see what they say.

uh_oh  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's your happy song?

Oh yeah I've heard that before! sweet. I'm pretty sure that album was ranked as one of the "best" album covers ever by Rolling Stone.

i've noticed that but I actually quit chrome (cmd+Q instead of alt+tab, my hands are dumb).

I also didn't mention this but Podhajsky did a lot of album artwork for Tame Impala, Youth Lagoon, Foals and other bands and they're all awesome.

    I can't say I'm much affiliated with modern art and who's doing what...

I have neither degree nor skill in painting or visual art, I just think it's cool.I don't really dig the pseudo-intellectual hivemind that everyone has to walk into a gallery with something deep and insightful to say about the art. It's just a thing to look at:P I'll try to fit something in there to provoke discussion next time, glad you liked it!

uh_oh  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's your happy song?

I gotta get acquainted with the Clash, any suggestions/starters/essentials, favorites besides this?

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