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I haven’t read the whole thing, but I’m fairly certain the bible comments on gender transition about as much as it does heart surgery or the sin of taking Tylenol. All the old guys wore dresses, it doesn’t seem like this would have been on their radar when they wrote it.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Random opinions about alcohol

You know what’s funny ? There’s so many Europeans that rag on our light “piss” beer this side of the world but they love that shit, they order round after round. Or maybe I just serve the most unself aware people you’ll ever meet. One was surprised I was Canadian because I looked beautiful in a European way, he thought it was wild that Canada was full of Canadian women who were beautiful in a European way. Probably drank some “piss” beer after that.

It seems like the hearing in most situations. The thing is when it comes to customer service it’s never actually what the boomers are asking... it’s that they’re being such pretentious entitled pieces of shit about it. It’s not that they want the music turned down even, it’s that they act like it’s a personal insult to themselves that we had the audacity to think the music should be at a volume too loud for them in the first place. Which then makes the employee wonder why the hell they think they are in control of the restaurant that they made a choice to go to. I’m not going to go to a sushi place and act like is a insult to me they don’t serve chicken fingers. People look at me like I ruined Christmas when I tell them we don’t have fries. If a bar wants to have a certain atmosphere I’m not going to ask them to change it, I’m going to eat somewhere that matches better with what I want if I don’t like it. Plenty of middle aged people do this too but more of that generation googles reataurants before hand to make sure it’s something they’ll like. I don’t really know a millennial who doesn’t know exactly what a restaurant is about before even deciding when to eat there.

It’s like poor people looking down on other poor people for not helping themselves because they don’t want to feel helpless about their own situation.

Okay I'm struggling to explain this better but I'm going to try. Most kids pick something like doctor, engineer or astronaut when you ask them what they want to be when they grow up. Somewhere down the road a lot decide they can't do that and that they're better suited for something else. I'm sure what the article talks about explains why that happens for some people but I think it's a very small piece of a larger problem that is a fragile sense of self.

I don't know how old the kids you teach are but I'm guessing they haven't decided what they'll do with their lives yet, next time they ask when they will ever use the math try telling them that they'll need it when they're an engineer building something, or insert any math heavy career doing what they do. I can pretty much guarantee some kid will say they that isn't the career for them based off their barely formed sense of self, at that point I would ask them who they do see in that career, it's very possible they don't realize they have these natural talents.

When I was like 17 working in a garden center one of the guys approached me to ask what I wanted him to do. He was in his late 20's, studying something at University and I wasn't in a position of authority so he didn't have to follow me he made a choice too. I had been leading for months before this moment when I kind of froze for a second as the actual manager was also standing there with me and I realized that these people had been relying on me. I've been a leader in a number of jobs since then and I've only just decided that a job were I lead people is fulfilling for me so I should pursue that type of job. Only now, and I've been doing it for years without even realizing for like minimum wage. It took this long to realize that the moment when I was 17 and all the times after that weren't flukes. There were so many time that I thought about a career in STEM and was really excited about it. School was easy but that wasn't the problem, the problem was that I just didn't see myself in that position. I decided to study architecture because I wanted to do something that had an impact but I went to college instead of University because I like to minimize my contributions. I went to college for massage therapy which is still very science heavy because I decided University to become a physio therapist wasn't for me. None of this had to do with how well I did in school and how well I knew I could do. I wanted to do something that mattered but I was pushed back by a sense that it wasn't for me, that I didn't belong and would be found out as an imposter if I tried.

As much as practicing math is the answer for some people, asking young people why they don't see themselves in a STEM career or asking them to describe the person they do see in those careers would probably get a few kids thinking. They might start realizing that they can check off a few boxes on the list of traits people who belong in STEM careers have. This is similar to what they hope to achieve with better representation of women and minorities in STEM careers. The goal is that people can see themselves in the career but I think getting young people to really question why they don't see themselves in those careers helps in more ways.

I don’t disagree with the findings just the conclusion in some part. I was good at math but math in school is abstract. It’s the stuff everybody knows some people will need later on in their wacky fancy careers but everybody else goes ohhhmagawd when will I ever use this. No joke, when I was in college I remember learning math how it related to architecture which I was studying and realized I was that person who would need it later, the reason everybody else had to sit through all that high school math they would never use. It was an odd feeling, I never saw myself as that person. Being good at math isn’t what made me look at studying architecture, I wanted to build something and do something big. The understanding that I could build things and occupy space with my ideas/plans is what was missing.

Literal response I’ve received on FB messenger after telling a guy to message me during the day if he wants to be friends. “oh ya sorry I just don’t normally drink during the day”. Now we are actually friends he just painfully shy and shouldn’t talk to women when he drinks BUT fb messenger is for fuckboys not long term relationships. How the hell is this going to be geared to long term relationships ? Like I’m going to shove some 14 year old me status updates in the face of a guy I’m considering a long term thing with.

They will be ridiculed with memes in no time.

Ya that doesn’t bother me, because that’s making a choice for yourself not everybody in the room. Some restaurants can turn down a few speakers individually too which I’ll do if somebody mentions the speaker above their head.

Literally only old ass baby boomers ask for music to be turned down at restaurants because they are the only ones left who always think they’re the most important people in the room.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Trump Slump Hits U.S. Tourism

I had my first guest a few weeks ago specifically ask for a wine from any country other than America. I’ve had people say they wanted to try a Canadian one but this was my first to simply say “not American”. It was right around the height of the baby snatching in the media/trade stuff and they sounded South American.

I want very badly to believe it is just bad satire.

I refuse to believe this isn’t satire. Firstly, if “are” was actually the right word to use all those times it sounded stupid AF in this article than I honestly quit with this bullshit language. The media fucking IS.

    This encourages Muslims to be angry and commit acts of violence – though to be fair, some of them don't need much encouragement to begin with.

It was just a couple tiny little wars sheesh that’s nothing compared to being bullied in high school or rejected by a girl.

    Women are constantly told that most men are rapists or harassers who don't respect them. Women are encouraged to turn against men and see rape in every dorm room and every janitor closet.

We didn’t need the media for that, simply existing did the trick.

Even if this is meant to be satire though way to many people are stupid enough to buy it. Also I’m pretty sure that the author are stupid.

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