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oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Trump and the End of Smugness

I find this kind of desperate and reaching. I mean on his list of achievements....

    two Supreme Court appointments

I mean how is hiring somebody to fill a previously filled position an achievement ? Somebody quits at your company and you’ll fill the job, ya ? That’s not an achievement, if that person goes on to do good things then you can say you pick employees well. Or let’s say your employees generally stay with the company you could, unlike the trump administration, claim your workplace culture helps you retain staff.

This isn’t the end of smugness this is the lowering of the bar on what’s considered an achievement in an attempt to make everything okay again.

I decided to take a few days to get together my response for this because in my opinion, well, you're all wrong or looking at this from the wrong angle.

The reason they do this isn't to get more women on boards now for any immediate reason even if that's how they sell it to you. The reason they do this is to start shifting societal norms. Corporations do this. I'm on a committee at work and they asked us about changing a bonus system, some people disagreed since it wouldn't benefit them while some people agreed since it would benefit them. I found out just how much of a natural born corporate shill I am that day by chiming in that it didn't matter what anybody thought, it mattered that in a year or two when all the staff were different anyways this would be the new normal and how would it benefit us then ? What kind of staff would we be attracting and would this effect our ability to retain the best staff in the long term ?

So, current opinions aside, what does this do in a year or in five years ? When everybody's moved on to talking about something else ? Keep in mind that Trudeau's gender neutral cabinet is old news, I actually straight up forgot about it. What did it do though ? It changed who we saw in power and that's important because it gets us more comfortable with the idea. Let's look at nurses, generally elderly patient don't like male nurses because it's weird for them. They aren't used to it. So we provide incentive to going into the profession or hiring male staff. It achieves basically nothing in the short term beyond some numbers. In the long term though people growing up now see male nurses more commonly and aren't as weird about it. We now have a larger pool of people who are likely to pick the profession and considering our aging population and nursing shortage that's not such a bad thing. Representation is generally what people are trying to change with these things, encouraging a wider variety of people to aim high has benefits across the country. You want to lower teen pregnancy and thereby the number of people relying on the welfare system ? Want to lower the number of people who fall through the cracks ? You've got to give them something to aim for. They don't even have to become a CEO, all they have to do is not get knocked up or get hooked on drugs before they're able to take care of themselves. In this case representation matters.

I strongly recommend any book by Bruce Hood, one of my favourites is called The Self Illusion which argues the self as we know it is likely entirely built of our experiences in the world. One study cited looked at how gender plays a part in how we interact with babies. The same baby was dressed in either blue or pink and introduced as either Nathan or Sarah. When introduced to the same baby as a girl the adults talked about how beautiful she was and when introduced to the baby as a boy they commented on what career they might have. This study was done in 1986, the women who young girls now look up to were raised in this type of environment. So the question isn't do women simply prefer different professions, it's not even have we socially influenced women to prefer different professions ( we know we have ), it is can we use this to our benefit. Corporations don't care about you, and neither does the government. Corporations care about the health of said corporation and the government cares about the health of the place they are governing. Some succeed and some fail, this is how one is attempting to succeed in the long run.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Read Kavanaugh's Op-Ed in the WSJ

I just honestly don’t care what his excuses for getting emotional are. He got emotional because he was ill prepared and everything he said came across like somebody responding to a mean internet comment before taking time to cool off. He wasn’t prepared and that to me says enough.

She on the other hand had to move because of threats, sat up their representing her entire gender and an entire movement to discuss something she likely never wanted to discuss outside of therapy. She didn’t get emotional because she knew there was no excuses for it, women are taught that. Emotional outbursts aren’t passion, it’s your period or your fragile feminine brain. I’ve invested far too much thought into how I will come across to others to have any sympathy for this guy. The hearing wasn’t a surprise ambush, he knew exactly what he was walking into that day, he knew the stakes, and he acted like a little bitch.

    "it took a law to get me on this board that i should have been on etc etc"

We’re already beyond fed up, at least now some women can be just as fed up from a position of authority.

    "she's only on this board because of a law"

As if this isn’t already said about women and minorities.

oyster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Weekly Photo Challenge Ideas

Fall is seriously my favourite time in the mountains, we’ve skipped quickly to winter here but I love the trees changing when there’s a little snow on the mountain tops.

Nobody is saying you just need to know as soon as somebody walks in. The point is that teachers and doctors need to be inclusive and that means being respectful enough to at least make an effort once somebody has made it clear to you. I’ve used the wrong pronouns before which was followed by an Ah fuck since I knew it slipped out. Nobody will make me a criminal for that no matter my profession. Nobody has a problem with honest effort to be better.

His argument is basically that he wants to be an asshole and treat some of his students like shit. Being afraid that you can’t be an asshole does not warrant sympathy. At least not in Canada. I know in America they’ve got that whole “die”(I’m soooo sure) for everybodies right to be an asshole but we’re not super into that up here, never really have been.

It would mean the world to me if we could.

By no fault of your own, you have no idea how much this vote means to women across this world. It’s just, when people don’t understand why a woman acted the way she did it makes me believe her more. Why do they have such a hard time understanding something I see so clearly ? Every since metoo I’ve seen women act in the same way I did and men/women not understand why. They didn’t go through it so they don’t understand but I do and so do many women/ men. I have shed tears over how this vote could go. I have been optimistic and I’ve been pessimistic. I’m choosing to believe things will change for the better because I know if this happened during bush nobody would have come forward.

When I joined his website nobody talked about this stuff, I know because it’s why I joined. It was an escape. Now I don’t need an escape and I see an amazing group of men who are open to hearing the other side. This is an incredible group of people. That’s enough for me right now. Thanks for that.

What strikes me and what I’ve seen from other people is the double standards. Hillary Clinton was questioned for 11 hours and didn’t cry. She remained poised because she knew she would be the hysterical woman otherwise. Even if we’re saying it’s possible she mistook somebody else for Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford remained poised throughout discussing her past trauma because as a woman she had too.

I don’t disagree with you, I just think he came across as somebody who’s never had to worry about how he’s coming across in his life. This was a job interview for fucks sake, the crying wasn’t his only major blunder in my opinion. He acted combative and refused to give straight answers through out. I guarantee she was coached to be likeable by her lawyers before going on. He clearly wasn’t but considering law is his field he would have known if it was actually required of him.

I see women paying so much careful attention to this everyday during the most minuscule activities and this guy got up there being rude to everybody. We can act like men aren’t allowed to show emotion but in the business world it’s the complete opposite. Another example of that is Elon Musk’s meltdown, a female CEO doing that would just be proof women couldn’t handle it. For those reasons I’m too angry at the world to give a shit about how sad he is that he’s hurting his family.

    Mitchell: What do you consider to be too many beers?

    Kavanaugh: I don't know. You know, we—whatever the chart says, blood-alcohol chart.

A grown ass man doesn’t know how many beers he can handle but wants us to believe he’s never had too many and blacked out ? Mmmmmmkay, he’s not even trying.

I can’t help but wonder if he was being nominated years ago by Bush if any of this would be happening. I’m thinking no and choosing to see the progress here even when things can seem bleak.

I think it’s fabricated as well because I’m having trouble finding the angry tweets when the news came out.

He got into a petty argument about grammar in the responses to that tweet, no one’s even trying anymore.

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