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My feelings aren't hurt, I'm just amazed how much of a dick you are when it comes to 'food for thought' articles.

Why are you always like this? Sorry for sharing an article that I thought was interesting in an attempt to generate content on Hubski.

An opinion or thought = an utterly baseless and prejudicial sentiment. Jesus Christ, man.

    Former White House adviser, Steve Bannon, questioned the true influence of “the Koch network management,” seizing on the lack of accountability in the organisations’ spending in recent years given that most of the details are not publicly available.

Steve Bannon calling out the Koch brothers for using dark money is really rich. Thanks for the chuckle, Steve!

Ryuchi Sakamoto hating the music at the place he sips miso soup is the inspiration and example for the author's argument: too many establishments treat music as an afterthought, and it's interesting to put some thought into it so that it complements the business. I agree, I can name a local coffee chain and a laundry near me at that use Pandora - complete with inserted advertisements - & it could be better.

I have family that worked at A&F who brought home their music DVDs. Sure, there would be a couple indie surprises tossed in the playlists, but overall I associate their music with the lowest common denominator demographic. Starbucks was playing Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz when I recently walked in. These companies play "brand-establishing music, or the kind that makes you want to spend money". I don't think Mr. Sakamoto's goal is the same, he is choosing brand complementing music.

Agreed on the unlikelihood of the story.

I head about this unmasking and I'm very skeptical that the whole thing was some grand plan to find a long lost sibling. I find it more likely that a 26yo fanfic writer retcon'd her 15 yo self's have hopes & dreams for a good story for a memoir.

It's a weird story altogether.

kitsy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Brain Tumor that Diagnosed Itself

I'm hitting a paywall.

Here's another source/recap

I love this part:

One group, which he termed “the X-philes” in his paper, suggested that the case was an example of telepathic communication from well-meaning people who had psychically learned of the tumour and sent warning. The second group,“the X-phobes” suggested that A.B. had already been aware of her tumour before coming to the U.K. and had invented the story of hearing voices as part of a scheme to get free medical care under the National Health Service. Since she had already been living in the U.K. for fifteen years before hearing the voices, the facts do not appear to bear this out.

Private press, almost unknown heavy stoner psych.

No record label, but catalog number 666.

Strong comparisons to Jim Morrison, the lizard king.

Recorded in 1971? But maybe 1980?

One of the Top 10 private press LPs most likely to be owned by a serial killer.

Great thread series!

Been getting back into Crimpshire. A must listen if you like East Bay punk (Green Day, Rancid/Op Ivy). Their catalogue was recently reissued on Numero Group.

Recently picked up Banco De Gaia's "The 9th of Nine Hearts." Great style.

Jlin's new black Oragmi album is pretty dope too.

Edited to add:

Also, check out DJ Perly, the 1st woman to win the DMC US national champions, considered the preeminent battle in the world of turntablism!

kitsy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Welcome to Hubski

Hi! Another just joined.

Hoping to find a better discussion than Reddit.

I like talking about music, books, & other media.

I look forward to bringing activity to #Chicago when I can post!

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