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I've been listening to Illuminati Hotties a lot recently... cant link because im at school but listen to Kiss Yr frenemys.

This is honestly kinda scary. Super impressive and wild, but it just feels like we're living in the future now.

This is it. The future is no, or at least soon.

Do you happen to know what the doc was called? sounds interesting...

This is really cool. Not in a Fun way but in a Maybe we can start preventing it sorta way!

I wish I could share this a million time over. There different morals back then. (Pardon my language here in a bit). In 2009 it was perfectly fine to call someone a fag or gay, but thankfully now that has changed. It was the same then with plenty of other words that aren't acceptable and stereotypes that were terrible. That was the norm though and it was a part of that culture.

PUP’s new album is freaking rad. I’m new so i cant post links but i highly recommend it!

I can agree with that sentiment, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I really recommend Solo. It didn’t really get enough credit for how much i liked it. Its on Netflix so you might as well anyway yknow?

I enjoyed it, but i walked in with low expectations because i wasnt a fan if the other avengers movies

I just copy/paste then put it into google translate with them both set to english

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Name: Seal

Location: the worst part of America

Gender: ?

Hobbies: Music, Movies, and Other media

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Man i just joined is this place still alive?

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