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Fuck movies

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I guess I just see this election and the clear partisan lines that come up as evidence that none of this shit is going to change anyone's mind.

Being polite is nice when there's an honest willingness to change your mind, but the guy isn't going to suddenly give a better answer because people say please rather than fuck you. He's got his lines, he's got the positions he's going to vote on. You think he's going to deviate from that because people were nice?

We've been past that point for so long that I almost pine for the days when we thought it was crazy that people ganged up on Bush Jr. For his pronunciation. I've got enough whinging responses on reddit with people calling for the death of any number of political opponents or people still bringing up Hillary that I can't fucking stand it any longer.

We're many many years past the point of being nice and polite.

I'm like so baffled by this comment that I barely know how to respond.

This guy gets asked by the crowd why he's not doing what he's promised, gives bad and unsatisfying answers, and gets booed for giving bad and unsatisfying answers.

You don't think that maybe there's some merit to the anger behind the crowd at all? That maybe the reason they're angry is because they don't feel represented in a system that functions solely based on the feeling that the people's interests are being represented? Or that maybe it's something that might seem a bit rude from the outside but the people he represents have seen every side of this guy for at least this election cycle if not much much longer?

Its like the attitude that people get towards trump. My mechanic had the news on when I went to pick up my car, and he looked at me and went "man everyone is going after trump these days, like gosh give him a chance."

He's the goddamn president, he has control of Congress and will eventually have the judiciary. He has more power than any single American citizen could possibly ever have. Chaffetz has more power than any person protesting there.

I'm not exactly sympathetic to powerful people in a representative democracy being booed because their constituents don't feel like their interests are being represented. I'm not sympathetic because that's a stupid idea.

Yeah, VR is fairly niche and no game has really caught fire in it. It's fun to play and I'll probably get a vive when I move to Chicago in may? But I'm getting it because I like the weird novelty and have no concern about looking like an undignified monkey who enjoys throwing virtual objects.

It has the deeper problem that movies had with 3D. It's a technology that has some potential? But it never really gets used in a way that justifies it's own existence to a larger audience.

We're a long ways away from VR being a thing that catches fire. It'd need to be its own device and significantly less goofy looking.

The other issue is that at the end of the day, if you run a VR rig, you either have a Samsung gear or maybe a playstation VR because they're cheap, or you went all in and got a Vive.

Oculus has just been the worse version of the vive for a good bit of time now. The vive is at least so weird and so much of a buy in that you'll lose any semblance of caring about your dignity, because you've set up a room for this shit anyway so strap yourself is. Oculus you still sit in a chair like a normal person and try to pretend you're cool.

JTHipster  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The National Divorce

I'm not sure it'll be a revolution so much as just more and more riots and further and further damage to the United States' ability to act as a stabilizing element worldwide.

There's one last chance coming up, and that's in 2020. In 2010 states got gerrymandered all to hell, in 2020 we could have a chance to reverse that. That's a decade of a DNC controlled house. I mean, it's not the best thing? But I'll take it over a GOP dominated house being the rule.

I remember the Bush years only vaguely, since I was growing up and thinking, among other stupid things, that politics weren't that important to me as a 14 year old. I also totally came up with a Freudian idea of self, and thought communist farming was awesome. 14 year old me should be kept away from political office, and maybe slapped around a bit.

One of the few memories I have of Bush was from the 2000 election, in which we were polled on which candidate we like better. George Bush liked tacos the best, and he was a Republican. Al Gore liked cookies the best, and was a Democrat.

I was initially going to vote for Al Gore, but as I went to cast my ballot, I thought about it and decided that cookies for every meal would actually make me feel pretty sick, and so I voted for Bush.

I probably put more thought in to that election than Trump has put in to his executive orders.

This is my least favorite Seth Rogen movie

He'll declare war on Saudi Arabia thinking it's the UAE.

The more I read about this administration the less I'm worried that it's the dark incarnation of an evil mastermind and the more I'm worried that we've elected comedians who aren't in on their own jokes.

Also that Bannon is going to slip in an executive order declaring war on Egypt. Why Egypt? I don't know. But it'll be Egypt.

It was fair. It felt less. Punchy I guess.

Truman's segment was very focused, but as it progressed further I lost the narrative. The only real punch was that Kruschev fucked himself over for that good of humanity, and while that's a good new perspective on him, it's not like a big hit in the way that you got from Death Throes of the Republic where Caesar comes on stage, and just becomes the main character.

It felt much more like Blueprint for Armageddon, but condensed down too much. Modern history is a confusing mess because we have so much information, and even shortening this down didn't really fix it. I think another 3 hours, with 1 devoted towards Eisenhower and 2 devoted to Kennedy, would have made it a much better episode.

This is terrifying.

It feels like Steve bannon is making decisions for the country with Trump as a puppet. This isn't something that anyone voted for.

My only hope is that conservatives in the GOP realize how grossly un-American this is and oust the administration.

Here's a fun thought. When the wall fails in the next 4 years because it was always a stupid idea and it goes over large ranches, and it has to be paid for by taxes, it'll be one hell of a site to vandalize.

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