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Just had a snoop. It does seem like an excellent idea, but on further inspection 90% of contributions go to creators. I don't know if this is an unreasonable view, but if a service is based around tiny donations, should it take 10% of it?

Great design but obviously no contender for the kind of Windows 8 laptops we are seeing now. When Google gets into full swing with the pixel line we will see some great machines.

I read about this in a science magazine a long time ago, and If anyone knows anything about this please respond. In silence my ears often amplify background noise to be almost shouting volume, resulting in me listening to music instead of reading. I seem to remember it being along the lines of, my brain is so used to content noise, with being in a Big Band and attending a male only school, that if I get worked up my brain jacks up the static in my ear drums to annoy me.

If someone speaks to me it sounds as though they are shouting. So, yeah, happy days.

The majority of reddit users aren't into intelligent discussions. Everyone tries to deny it, but its true.

I will always go on reddit for images and videos. I don't think Hubski will overtake Reddit in this sense, but I do think that Hubski will have a stronger community and more than reddit discussion wise.

There is enough room for two, and I personally see them excisting well together.

thenewgreen, you really need a frequent gaming podcast. Skyrim nerd talk joined with COD talk. The indie game favourite. It would... Just rock.

Couldn't Hubski just get a Vent? That would provide a heck of a lot of material. If used correctly...

harryjames  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Looper Soundtrack

Truly great film. Seen it 4+ times, still a total joy. Never thought about the music, so this has added a brand new perspective. Thanks!

I think an Interesting way to present some podcasts would be actual discussions, between users with maybe conflicting views on topics. Like a talk show, featuring different users and thenewgreen as a host!

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minimum_wage... Is... Just a.... Guy. Note taken.

Unshared hmmm...

I truly don't see why.

Hey internet site members! Your site blows!


Don't fall for it guys. If you give him tree fiddy he will come back for more. Darn Loch Nesski !

The future of warfare?

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