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I'll believe it when I see it. YouTube (google) doesn't care much anymore.

Fan freaking tastic post. I couldn't figure out how to find all of the NPR sponsors, so I've just been listening to the radio and writing them down.

I'm aware of the Nature Conservatory. I'll look into these other names. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the links. I'm well aware of how tough it is, believe me. Its almost been a year looking for real work, but my interests have to something I do have schooling in. Which means I just don't know where to look for this sort of thing as compared to neurostuff. The career search hasn't yet slapped me in the face on this new front, because I didn't know the organizations to job search for. Hell I don't have a full grasp of what query terms I should plug into search engines. What is apparent to me is that I'm competitive for the kinds positions I hope to apply to.

Looks like it could be a way to get experience via volunteering. It will give me political connections for when I get my own organization up and running. I don't intend to do the vlogging thing anyhow; I don't have that kind of expertise. I merely want to contribute to a cause I see as important with the skills my psychology degree and experience has provided. There may yet be better options..

You're right. I'm going to check out a political party and see if I can contribute that way.

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Thanks for rubbing my lamp. haha

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The survival of populations is due to the diversity within those populations and how isolated, and somewhat thusly protected, they are. How easy is it to fairly elect a madman or a sane person with a dark agenda? It is unclear with whom the management of the health of the system ought to be left , but what is clear is that we routinely ignore those with legitimate expertise in relevant topics to instead revere the loudest bullhorn.

We must increase the average exposure of alien groups and ideas to the most isolated cultures because we know that when we are put in a diverse environment, tolerance proliferates. In the last decade, the United States has become increasingly more polarized. The answer can be found by thinking in a social engineering paradigm. Our supposedly culturally enriching social media resources have instead erected walls between us and created echo chambers of opinion.

If we cannot come together and make enough of a change to save ourselves here on Earth, then to find refuge on some backwoods exoplanet to begin a second chance civilization we must.

Hey there. I'm in job hell too. Recent psych grad — takes forever to get through the application processes for the jobs in applying for — and I'm working at Walmart. They're paying me more ($10.50) than subway ($7.25) because of my experience that I got at subway before I graduated. I'm in the deli now. There's a reason my bs jobs are in the food industry. I'm hungry. So hungry. Brother and mother have been sending care packages of blue apron and veggie chef. Between five finger discount and my relative's help, I haven't bought groceries in 3 weeks.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the blood bank to make some money on my day off. Then I'm going into an interview for a manual labor staffing agency. I nearly left subway a week before employment with the same staffing agency last month, and I'm glad that I didn't because they found out they couldn't place anyone in the factory that we all had orientation for. Instead I went to orientation at Walmart after my shifts at subway. Twelves don't suck when you know you're making progress. The lesson? No company out there automatically deserves your loyalty. May be the mom and pop stores do, and I didn't apply to many of them on purpose (for all kinds of reasons). But other than that, you owe nothing to any company. I feel dirty, yes, but Im only playing the game to eat.

Some thoughts:

Subway gives you a free six inch per 6 hours on the clock. Not so hungry anymore

Walmart pays more and they're orientation with put you on the computer doing video lessons for 35 hours or so, easy money.

Factories mostly work you 2nd or 3rd shift going in but you'll start closer to $12-$14/ hr. Look at Amazon, where you'll sell you soul away and walk a dozen miles a night, and you might make more like $16/hr

On Craigslist, you can find paid surveys to do from scientists and statisticians. $10- $50 each (haven't done any yet

Uber does leases and you can do uber to pay it off ($400 security deposit). I was thinking about doing it to get a car and going to lyft to make better money (tips) but I didn't have $200 let alone $400.

I couldn't sell myself well enough to land the job, but you can try call centers.

It'll take a while to get started, but has been the best money maker for me this far. It connects a service provider for housekeeping, baby/dog sitters, music teachers, and other things to individuals. I helped a guy move out of his apartment, that he stayed in for 10 years at least, in one week.

I know what it's like to pay rent using credit cards for three months in a row because there's no money coming in. I know what it's like to walk to work, bike the mile to the bus stop in the rain using sunglasses as a windshield to catch the bus on its way leaving the bus stop, and work for less than your average dive into a wishing well for quarters will provide. I'm under tornado watch until after I get out of work now, and my bike is oiled up and chained outside. Let me tell you, you can do it and come out on top. Keep your head up and keep on going.

Hey hey, I just lurk from time to time. It's just that hubski looks at things in such depth, that I cannot cover all the topics that I'd like to when I'm working 10 hour days during these times. I love the conversation quality here, but having a larger sample of opinions is the advantage of a larger site. The reason I reached out for an alternative to Reddit was when I began to see the addendas of the admins and mods and when I began to notice plain text comments from users that were really the face of a company's add.

The good thing I got from this recent event was a little more clarification on what career I'd like to grow into. In the beginning, I just cared about people and the truth. No spin, minimal bias; how do I make the falling apart world a better place? Was interested in sociology, but I've already lived a lower class upbringing once. Same with philosophy. But psychology! That really got me thinking (whatever). So how do people work?

"Wait what about making enough money to live?" .... "Well check this neuro stuff out, its paying pretty well" "Let me see that..... I'll be damned.."

Also, it seems like that neuro stuff was some of the most interesting stuff I have been exposed to. I've been learning about all sorts of cool shit, and I'm here now on hubski — the only one of 12 tabs on my internet browser not having to do with researching the best GRE prep strategies — looking for some conversation on this event from any other source than the shit show on reddit. But I've been realizing today that another thing I could study within my interest of understanding why people make irrational decisions is understanding how extremists are made. Perhaps I could have their heads in an fMRI. Think they would respond well to mail in surveys? This still needs some more thought... Do you think klan members would care if I asked them to remove their silly pointed hats while inside the machine?

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