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As far as change goes, I think better early childhood education could indirectly tackle problems on many cultural home beliefs that negatively impact society. I'm learning about child development currently, and (if I remember right) from about 6 months to 6 years the brain develops the most. Anyhow with low income families especially early childhood education helps a lot, leading to a higher paycheck and much lower chance of jail as adults. Early childhood education also leads to higher education and IQ.

So while Christianity does damage to the children in America, so do many other things and I want to advocate for solutions that will strengthen all children.

It's just unfortunate that while society see's children as malleable, we don't recognize the biological impact poor parenting will negatively have on children.

Well, theology seems to be a constant in this case.

Considering it's the societal influence on a culture that can influence change. (what else influences change, I'm not sure haha).

What's the best we can hope for from society in this case? (I'm curious what you think).

(I think that social shifting to de-isolate suicide is a sign that we're on the right path socially, and all I can hope for is more small steps in positive directions).

I think that there are huge depths of harm deeply interwoven into cultures around the world. The perpetrating culture will just keep culturing on, just as Christianity does. I kinda think of this a cruise ship making minor adjustments as it goes, but still retaining the same general direction. It's both polluting the path behind it and pushing ppl of the boat as it goes, and yes, the ppl in the culture don't notice or can't /won't change it.

At least now the issue of suicide is being actively noticed by individuals within Christianity attempting to make a positive change. Yes, doctrine is still in place that leads to unfortunate circumstances. I'm just hoping that cultural circumstances for the next generation will be slightly more pleasant with society learning how to better help those at risk of suicide.

Innat3vacillat3  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 24, 2018

My perception of my own identity was almost non-existent until about a year ago. As I've been growing my awareness of my likes, dislikes and feelings I've realized I lack the vocabulary to adequately describe what I want.

I think what simplifies my desires the most is that I want to feel a sense of peace and importance (as well as to be appreciated). I also have a vague desire to try and actually make change in this world, but I've come to the conclusion that all I can effect over the next few years is the small social community directly around me, and/or myself. Change is a difficult challenge. Trying to turn new actions into habits takes will and dedication which I still need to grow. But ultimately some sort of change is what I want, I'm working on trying to define exactly what that is still. What I have done is started a regular yoga practice as well as improved my diet.Which I still struggle to maintain sometimes, it's actually been a few days since I've done yoga haha. That's life though, and it takes time to fully establish habits.

I expect the details of my wants to change in my future, but I know that no matter what life path I take I will appreciate staying in good health longer.

Anyhow, that's my plan for the present and I'm still working on figuring this whole life thing out. I'm glad you're feeling better though :) I hope that the positive vibes stay with you this week :)

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