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Sounds good but you all are going to have to give me some time if it's to be one I haven't seen. I live in a pretty remote area so I am limited to satellite internet. No streaming for me. I am 100% reliant on my own movie collection, Netflix-by-mail and sometimes one other source.

At any rate I have adjusted my queue. voilĂ 

Hopefully I will get one of those movies not named Sullivan's Travels sometime soon. When I do get to watch it I'll just make a new post in the #movieclub.

for some reason My ISP lets me watch Youtube after 2am without affecting my bandwidth limit, but only every once in a while.

I forced my family to watch that piece of shit in the theater!

I was a pretty big fan of the comics. I didn't have very many, but I was super excited for the film.

Imagine an eleven-year-old non-stop hyping a movie for weeks. Telling everyone about how great the effects were going be. How it may sound dumb now, but wait till you see what they do with the character. How smart and witty and funny it was all going to be. Trust me. This is George Lucas, man. George Lucas!

Then we watched it...

The shame I experienced was palpable. I could feel my family's judgement and contempt growing with every scene. The duck tits. The scene where they almost fuck. The deeply uninteresting story. The dearth of characterization. No wit. No quality humor. Edge? Oh there's edge to spare. But it's a watered down version of that dumbfuck /b/tard kind of edge. Nothing biting or insightful. Just obtuse, weird, and inappropriate.

I see you didn't comment on how fucking depressing Howard the Duck is. It's just so damn bleak. If I ever am in a situation where I need that final bit of impetus to end it all, this is the movie I am going to watch.

It did teach me a valuable lesson about the power of hype though, so at least It wasn't a complete loss.

I'm still working on my music consolidation/clean-up project. I'm listening to a lot of stuff I have not heard in years.

    Groen defended his comments and chastised critics for being outraged by his comments but not by abortion.

Christ, what an asshole.

    Why form a separate category for "animal?"

Because an OSU grad had to try to get a beaver on the list? That is my guess anyway.

I actually have a copy of that on VHS. It is hilarious.

Pussy :)

It's surprisingly progressive -- the main protagonists are women and the male lead is a PoC. It's also really funny, intentionally so. Highly underrated IMO.

Ha, I haven't seen Runaway in forever. I need to see it again. I'm watching this even if it doesn't get picked.

Show me on the doll where Max Headroom touched you.

Whoa. Why is my text all crazy colored?

My alternative title is Night of the Comet. I love this movie. We have a global event that wipes out most of earth's population and only a couple of valley girls can pick up the pieces. In it, you have Valley Girls with machine guns, scientists in jumpsuits, neon, arcade games, shopping malls, Geoffrey Lewis and Mary Fucking Woronov.

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