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Bill Withers - Lovely Day

I LOVE tomatillos. Thanks for the recipe!
The original 4 Ton Mantis is typical of his sound, for sure. There are also a ton of decent remixes out there. I've heard great things about his ISAM tour.
Sounds great. I'll have to use the Sambal Olek sauce as a substitute. Thanks!
I am thoroughly impressed. Gorgeous performance!

Is that tofu or paneer in your dish?? And what greens did you use? Bok choy? I think I'm going to try this recipe sometime this week!

Amazing! Can't wait to see them next month!
Yes! I do remember listening to that piece, I'm an avid fan of Radiolab. Unfortunately, I did not have the brains to take note of it then. Thanks for reminding me.
That's what language it is. It is good.
I like the SFIAS track.
This is news to me. Very ambient, thanks.
Thanks! I remember hearing a song by Discovery before off the same album but had forgotten about it until you reminded me.

BTW, ever make that quinoa?

Wow, thank you kind human! This is almost overwhelming and it's replies like these that make this community awesome. I'm glad I took the 90 seconds to make a post here.

Thanks again, all of these recommendations will keep me busy for a while to come.

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