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I saw all three of these, and I liked them all actually. I think some of the variations in reception are probably due to different levels of franchise fatigue, plus different expectations for each of these franchises in general.

There hasn't been a new Mad Max movie since 1985, so people weren't sick of the franchise. For many, it probably felt like a new series. The fact that it was made sort of as a reboot anyways (bye Mel Gibson, hello Tom Hardy) helped that perception. But the franchise as a whole has never really been rooted in continuity. The shift between the first and second movies is pretty big in my opinion. So I think that even though this one is probably in continuity with the first three, it feels like a new start anyways as the first new Mad Max in 30 years. It doesn't have to be in continuity if it doesn't want to, it can just exist on its own. The stories of this particular series have never needed continuity if they don’t want it.

Similarly, Jurassic World does exist in continuity with the other three also, but the second and third movies don’t really matter for its story. That says something more about those entries being disposable instead of anything about this one. It’s been a while since the last movie, so people were ready for another one, and the premise of World was a realization of an unfulfilled promise from the first movie: an operational dinosaur theme park. People who saw the first Jurassic Park twenty something years ago were getting the sequel they always wanted, and it was awesome.

The Terminator franchise... is completely different. It started with two great movies (T1, T2) and devolved into two meh movies (T3, Salvation) that are all within the same continuity. There was also a good, but complicated and prematurely cancelled TV show (Sarah Conner Chronicles). So before Genisys, there was a whole lot of Terminator to digest; people weren't exactly starving for a new entry in the series, and there was definitely an element of franchise fatigue in play. Given the complicated stories and the success of some of the earlier entries, a soft reboot (like Days of Future Past) was probably the best play going forward. And this story did work to reset the continuity, update the franchise, and honestly end the overall plot of humans vs Skynet if need be. Yay they finally stopped Judgment Day permanently forever! (If you ignore the post credits stinger.) I don’t think the film was unsuccessful because of how it approached continuity; I think it was because there just wasn’t a demand for a Terminator reboot yet, and because some of the story decisions in the third act didn’t make sense. It was still an enjoyable movie, but it wasn’t the right time for it.

Mass Effect 3! I listened to that soundtrack a lot during finals one year to focus, it's just so epic, somber, and inspiring. The entire album is on Spotify I think, but these are a few of my favorite tracks:

Leaving Earth and its coda later in the album An End Once And For All

Mars - sort of the traditional mass effect song.


But the whole things is definitely worth a listen.

It gets really really annoying. Some songs that I've manually added from my mac won't play on my phone, and some songs I try to play are actually other tracks, despite being added from apple's servers directly. I would love it if it worked - I was excited about the prospect of switching from Spotify because I could upload my own songs (i.e. The Beatles library). But I think I have to switch back because Spotify, despite its limitations, at least consistently works.

It had a sort of ending but they left too many plot points up in the air, and it was a rushed conclusion since they thought they had more time. The movie, Extinction, was going to be basically Atlantis going back to Pegasus and had some sort of plot involving ending the Wraith for good. It just felt like there was so much more they could have done. There's a series of post Atlantis novels that are still being released, but I haven't made the jump yet to reading EU stuff for any franchises really. It's on my to do list though.

Haha I'm guessing that you didn't like the end of BSG. I didn't mind it, but I did think ghost Starbuck made no sense.

My video game ones really aren't that great, plus I do them for collections. For example I'll have a 6 disc case that has a bunch of random games and the cover is a mismash of stuff just designed to tell me what's in it. But I recommend you check out the customcovers subreddit, they have some cool stuff you might like looking at.

Sort of a hobby/compulsion: designing movie, tv, and game posters in photoshop. I have a very large digital media collection, organized through Plex. But a lot of the time I hate the posters that it automatically assigns to the movies and TV shows so I find myself making my own artwork for my collection in photoshop a lot. This also led me to start designing and printing my own game covers for some of my favorites. Since those are one of the last forms of physical media I still frequently use I actually end up printing those and using it in place of the art in the box sleeve. I wouldnt call any of the custom covers phenomenal, but I just find it really calming and fun to make them, and I really like seeing my own artwork for something I love. Small thing but I enjoy doing it.

Start watching twin peaks.

phone rings, life calls, pause netflix.

No coffee or pie.

theNiliad  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Anyone Play Ingress?

I downloaded it, tried it for a little while, realized I had no idea what the hell I was doing or how to play, uninstalled it. A three and a half day saga.

theNiliad  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you reading this week?

Martian was a lot of fun to read, its the first book in a while I just got completely engrossed in. I think the movie is gonna be good though, Ridley Scott can do great stuff (Blade Runner) when its not his material (Prometheus).

theNiliad  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you reading this week?

I'm trying to read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson but I keep getting distracted. Ive heard hes a great author though.

I forget where I read it but supposedly the end of My Name is Earl was going to be Earl realizing he could never finish his list, but his goal had inspired other people to make their own lists. So he walks off into the sunset finally having put out more good karma into the world than bad.

Haha I remember seeing that too! If I'm ever fighting alongside Master Chief battling Thomas the Tank Engine with a lightsaber, I'll know I'm playing Skyrim the way it was meant to be played.

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