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Partita No. 2 in D Minor for Solo Violin, Bach.

Why what? Why do more men buy guns than women? Why do people commit suicide? What are you talking about? You didn't think the method of choice was relevant to the outcome, but it is.

I'm not calling anyone a coward, very far from it. That's your interpretation, not mine. Please don't put words in my mouth. ETA: I see - you though I was responding to the "braver person" part but I was responding to the easy/difficult part.

It does. The fact that more women than men survive suicide attempts is down to the fact that more men use guns in their suicide attempts (whereas women more often use drugs/poison, which are easier to survive).

I forgot about this video! Thanks for reminding me :D

Here's a little shorty for ya (Bach's Partita no.2 has already been linked here, but I prefer this recording).

There's nothing I can say to make someone change their point of view. It has to come from that person. All I can say is that he's wrong. The things he thinks aren't true.

If you want to take that wall down, you have to examine each brick. Why did you put that brick there? Because of an experience or moment - you have to look back on it and either accept it and move on, or totally change your point of view on the experience. It's not my wall, so I can't tell you what the bricks are made of. You have to do that yourself, with a lot of introspection.

The problem with someone who's depressed is, that you can't think clearly or logically about a moment, and come to a different conclusion. You are already in the depths of an emotional state where you can't change your mind without help (help from a professional therapist or help from an anti-depressant).

You can't logic and reason your way out of this kind of depression. One conversation is not enough to convince someone that the huge wall they have built around themselves needs to come down. They might not even realize they've been building that wall.

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Nice! Very spooky :D I love reading a person's primal fears, those murky parts of the id. The word murky in your post made me think of it ;)

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You were right - there is a monster under your bed. Tell me about your first encounter.

Okay I finished Ready Player One (thank god) and couldn't decide what sword/sorcery book to pick next so now I'm on Le Morte D'Arthur, the sword/sorcery ur-text.

I wish I had, a week ago.

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I wish I had seen this review before I read it. Luckily it was a fast enough read that the completionist in me didn't feel too taken-advantage of.

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