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The author doesn't understand RiffTrax. Back when Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was around, the focus was on making fun of bad movies- however RiffTrax now makes fun of any movies. Even ones they like (they recently did a RiffTrax live performance of Night of the Living Dead, a great movie that was made hilarious by their commentary).

Just because they can point out funny idiosyncrasies in the source material doesn't mean the riffers don't enjoy or have respect for it. The lack of research done into this (especially when they use RiffTrax as a main point in their article) really hurts the foundation of their entire argument.

I like House of Cards. I thought it had pretty universal acclaim.

I really enjoyed this article. It highlights how anything we do in society can become addictive if we let it. I know when I'm playing video games, sometimes I can get lost in it and all of a sudden a few hours of gone by- my girlfriend and the rest of my life gets ignored.

Keeping limits on my time helped me as well as having others there to hold me accountable for the amount of time I spent on video games. People with poor social structures and a very rocky home life can certainly use something like video games as an escape.