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In Australia, we have random breath testing. Some of these involve huge police roadblocks that stop entire freeways, testing thousands of people in a night. Up until the age of 22 in most states a blood alcohol level of 0.00 is enforced and after that it is 0.05.

This allows us to have a drink or two when we go out; any more than that and you are risking you're licence. Needless to say, not many people drink and drive; particularly in my generation.

Melbourne is a wonderful city and this video goes part of the way to do it some justice.

I was sitting on the shoreline of the yarra river on the night of the firework show that is in the video. It was the culmination of our annual Moomba Festival. A wonderful night for the best city in the world.

Thank You.

dombofix  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Tin-Can Update: How it works

I love this idea. One area where I know this type of application would be perfect is for events when large crowds do not usually congregate. An example would be a music festival or large concerts. Most music festivals, sporting events and concerts I attend usually have a lack of adequate network coverage due to so many people being in the same area at once. I find that most of the people at these events are trying to communicate with one another, making Tin-Can the perfect application. High Density of people, lack of working cellular coverage, quick communication within the crowd.

Go for it guys!

This will be my first post on the new music thread but i feel you should all hear this guy. Close you eyes and get into the zone with it. Really cool stuff.

This was fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

I often think about the concept of the ruling class and how applicable it is in our current society. Reading something like this confirms how 'stuck' much of society is.

Firstly, you are not the first person to say a this too me. Everyone I tell questions my motivations for it. I think I like the idea of being able to make a difference from a high level. On that point, I would love to get into diplomatic politics. Meetings at the UN; that kind of stuff.

Also, i agree with the fact that politics attracts the wrong type of people. In Australia, most of our politics are former lawyers. This frustrates me slightly. Being an engineer, the chance to bring a different line of thinking into the political debate is quite exciting.

I think it does open you up to scrutiny but that just comes with being a public figure. Just need to be careful what you do.

I am an airport planner. (Civil Engineering Graduate). I would love to get into politics

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From and Live in:

Melbourne, Australia.

Curious. It's such a basic and fun feeling.

I disagree with the notion that it is a good example of Capitalism. There is still the requirement to pay a $300 ticket to be able to participate. This 'ticket' pays for basic services within the society. I just think its a bit rich to be call it the 'true spirit' of free enterprise society if you have to charge people to take part.
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All those years of adding CCTV cameras will be wasted. The day the first piece of video evidence is thrown out in a court because it's too easy to fake will be a scary moment in society.
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This one was my favorite of the most recent. Left me a bit freaked out afterwards.
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