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Yes, audiobooks/podcasts have been the saving grace of many a road trip for us! I really do enjoy the time machine effect. I also sometimes marvel that the best way to endure the experience (as a body forced to sit still, but taut, for long periods of time) is to escape the body into the mind. Highways are designed to facilitate this trick, but I think also made to curve just often enough to avoid totally mesmerizing every driver into catatonia. It's one of the senses where our desire for pleasure/utility play a game of chicken with our bodily wellness.

I appreciate the perspective, zebra2. And truth be told, I totally relate about the joy of driving in ideal (or simply not horrible) conditions. I like g forces, going fast, and combining those sensations with good music, and the sights, sounds, smells, etc., of the world I'm passing through. Celebrating that set of experiences is a totally worthy endeavor. Having a fun car really helps, as does living somewhere gridlock doesn't make a mockery of one's fine engine. (If we could watch the commercials of professional drivers on private tracks in the Alps or wherever while sitting in traffic, then the closed loop of self-parody would truly be complete).

I just wish it weren't increasingly (though surely not in all places) the only form of personal transit deemed acceptable, respectable, and therefore, protected and effectively sponsored by our society. We have zero public transit where I live, too, so the automobile pretty much has a monopoly on getting from point A to point B. Even walking (which I love, but many seem to sneer or gawk at as if it were a disgustingly plebeian undertaking) can't get me past the edge of town safely.

We might have developed our infrastructure to permit and encourage multiple forms of transportation -- the really fun, fast, mechanized, motorized ones, and the slower, user-powered, and inexpensive ones (travelling styles that actually improve health more than they threaten it). For the most part, we didn't, though. Maybe Fordism really is the better name for our type of economy, as Gramsci apparently put it. Either way, the route back to diverse, egalitarian transit seems now about as laborious as it is unpopular.

That stands to reason. Tiny machinery doesn't just assemble itself.

I am currently being paid for podcast editing. Of course, compensation is sub-sensational ... and that's a rather deep understatement. The work is good though, when it's there.

Yeah, I've long wondered whether I shouldn't try and get in that game, sound editing for film. I assume you have to know the secret password and have good ins to get a seat at the table, on top of skills/experience.

Huh. That's an excellent point. Now I just need to find a DIY guide to high end watchmaking (or jeweled scarab crafting, whichever). Is the iZotope/final mix link a nod to your current gig? I seem to recall you do film, which I have to guess, is the right side of soundcraft to get in on. I'm more on the music/podcast editing side, which ... may not be. It hasn't brought me a pension, that's for sure.

Wait ... for real? I must confess, my mind has never visited this avenue.

And, to throw another wrench in the works, do you think any of that could be reversed with protectionist policy?

Yes. Pain points will emerge though, even if not on paper.

Well, that is indeed the question. If there is no leverage for the worker within the system, or game, can the worker find it outside the system? And is this why the development of weapons of mass suppression has been such a priority in recent times?

I agree that the headline is an overstatement. It's a common ailment where headlines are concerned. It'll be interesting to see how the workers exercise their leverage as things progress in these directions. As always, I'm hoping it won't be through bloody riots, but that's a given. Regarding the man paying, I'm less sure, but encouraged by your optimism on the subject!

Wow, fun! I love synchronicity. I look forward to the mk onramp to the distributed web!

The banishment of net neutrality has prompted me (perhaps irrelevantly) to finally get around to researching mesh networking. This, in turn, has made me want to try out #tincan, though my smartphone is too smart to let me test it out in a mobile context. More to the point, I can't seem to find it on the interwebs. Has it been called home to the hangar? Is there a newer version, or a recommended alternative?

That is beautiful. I hadn't, thanks for calling it to my attention. Count on Sufjan to apotheosize this tale of shame and farce.

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