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No they've all had major and minor swapped.

It's weird how strange or unsettling songs can sound when the key changes from major to minor.

It's also weird how changing from say D major to D# or E major can give a seriously different feeling to music.

I promise to make the effort to contribute this time as long as there's not too much reading each week/selection.

I'm a slow reader and though I read every day it's not very much and this will be additional to my current habits.

The new Jon Hopkins, SIngularity was released last week. I like his music but it doesn't really excite me. Half of it's exploring what seems to have become his signature style. I've already heard people complain they all sound the same.

No for something really exciting - Autechre's NTS Sessions - four new 2-hour releases. I haven't had time to listen to them all yet, but the first hits on youtube are slowed down to 50% or sped up to 200% original and I really wonder whether they've done that themselves.

I had chili ice-cream once which was basically some kind of chili flavour mixed with vanilla ice-cream. Except not true vanilla ice-cream just the basic, bland nondescript stuff they call vanilla.

That part of the equation I can imagine.

What has me stumped is :

1) Your mysterious blueberry tobasco sauce - I've never seen anything but those small plain tabasco sauce bottles which is very far from blueberry.

2) The combination. Like "The internal door ring replaced with its adjacent complement." All of those words I understand even the small combinations together make some sense, but the whole thing is just beyond me.

I'm also a bit sad that I'll probably never be able to actually taste it, but that may be a good thing.

I mean ending with Recoil Ignite, Requiem for Hell, then Everlasting Light. Bliss to me.

    maybe not enough hooks to stick.

Yeah, who ever knows?! I like to just let it all infuse slowly, like osmosis. Some bands that's so natural - like Mono and Explosions in The Sky. Others just don't work for some reason, even the same genre or style. I can't get deep into 65daysofstatic or Caspian or Godspeed You Black Emperor at all. I like it well enough, it just doesn't... take over.

For some reason Mono just do it for me. Weird.

It really is officially Fuckbook now.

Here's to Ben bfv!

Yarn - Memories Vol. 1 was one of my favourite releases from 2017

I've only just got round to listening to Vol 2 which came out in February.

Also some random nostalgia re-discovering Jingo de Lunch - Perpetuum Mobile and remembering the painfully embarrassing crush I had on Tania who introduced them to me.

Good luck to them, but this...

    Over a cup of Tabasco ice cream smothered in blueberry Tabasco sauce

I cannot comprehend this.

Fuck yeah The Muppets. The jug band song reminds me a bit of this from The Muppet Show ...

My sister had a copy when we were growing up, but lost it, After she married, her husband tried really hard to find a copy, but... no joy.

A couple of years ago I managed to track down a copy of the mp3, zipped it up to Dropbox and sent her a mystery link for her birthday. And waited. I got a call a few weeks later when she'd finally bothered to see what I'd sent. She was in tears for a while.

So many childhood memories listening to those tracks so here's a couple more

Clueless fuckwits, so narcissistically absorbed in their own mental diarrhoea, they won't take informed advice from people who know what they're talking about.

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