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artis  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: You Are Still Crying Wolf

    But those of us that live out in Redneckistan and don't live in the booming areas of the coasts saw this coming when Sanders was railroaded.

I don't think this will garner me any love, but I have to try anyway. Check myth one.

    Nobody goes to Wendy's for the ambience

I'm actually quite fond of the remodeled look.

    and the counter staff there are not generally improving the experience for anyone.

More relevantly they don't add any value. The menu is tight enough that asside from interpreting badly thought out coupons their job is almost entirely mechanical. Replacing them involves, more or less, turning around the touchscreen, streamlining the interface (now with extra pictures) and adding a ticket printer.

I know this works because I use such a system on a regular basis at a convenience store, of all places. A common complaint is that people take too long to order via touch screen but even at the busiest of times four touch screens could easily keep four food prep people busy without a line. Not for the touchscreens anyway, there was a line waiting for food.

You see peolple beig replaced, I see people gaining jobs that pay half way decently. Hell, maybe their employers will even start seeing their remaining employees as assets instead of disposable labor.

The inevitable is society coming to grips with the idea that keeping people employed and supplementing their inedequate income through welfare just so we can pat ourselves on the back about not giving "free money" to slackers is kind of stupid. That can't happen soon enough.

To be fair there are also land and resource use/animal welfare motivated vegetarians and vegans that aren't necessarily concerned with the killing itself but they seem to have little understanding if grazing, crop rotation and cover crops, otherwise they'd be forced to take a more nuanced position.

Realistically I expect we'll see not a switch to autonomous cars but a continuoum of cars taking over the most difficult jobs as tech matures.

ABS, cruise control, traction control, electronic stabilization, intelligent transmissions, brake assist, collision avoidance, collision breaking and countless other systems will ensure that by the time autonomous cars are ready to take over we will be driving cars with arcade controls preventing us from being stupid.

It's what the Democratic position should be. I can't fathom how people can (correctly) identify the disenfranchising effects that lack of ID would have with voter ID requirements while completely failing to even mention the disenfranchising effects of being unable to easily obtain said ID. There's an opportunity to empower people here lost due to people sitting in a trench and not seeing the obvious open flank because all they can see is the machine guns up front.

Why not go into excruciating detail on the distribution network part? Right, pushing ideology compels selective, one-sided arguments.

    Of all the people I've talked to about self-driving cars, there are a lot who think it'll get its own, complete infrastructure. I just don't see that happen.

It will but not upfront and not a completely separate networks. Probably will start with self-driving only lanes that can move more cars and, once proven, dedicated expressways to reduce traffic in key areas (likely just reclaimed roads that weren't used much at first). Once you prove that self-driving cars can increase capacity and safety if there's no drivers to get in the way they will start getting roads.

artis  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Color film was built for white people

#photography would apparently have been wildly inappropriate.

artis  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: It Has No Power

For me that's just attempting to communicate on a bad day, I'm not as bad off as the guy who drew the picture but there definitely can be a lot that I just can't express in a way anyone can understand.

artis  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Is There Anything Good About Men?

    What this article says to me is that I, just naturally, whatever, cannot be as great as men. Not all men, but, you know, like 50% maybeish. I just can't.

This is true for me as well. Being a man I'm statistically in exactly the same spot. About 50% of men cannot be as great as the other 50%. Why is this worse for you than for me?

artis  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: It Has No Power

There's obviously no way to get what wasn't said in this instance but I'll try to give an impression of the emotional state from a bipolar II and anxiaty perspective.

Imagine yourself standing in chest high water and being hit by a breaking wave. You're knocked off of your feet and are being whirled around by a chaos of microcurrents. All you see is sand kicked up by the wave, it's unclear where up and down is yet as your inner ear is as chaotic as the water around you. You hit the bottom a few times but you lose it's direction along with contact.

You are probably in no danger, you've been hit by waves before with similar results. But you don't feel safe at the moment, your sensory input makes is mostly noise and your instincts tell you to go for air right now, even tbough you have plenty, but you don't know where to go. You're not exactly out of control of the situation but you're most certainly not in control either. Knowing that helps you little.

In the middke if this you realize that your mom is worried about you. You were going to leave her a note about a dozen waves ago but the waves were calm for a while and you were just enjoying the sun and the breeze and you didn't get around to it. You could wait for another lull but what are the chances of that happening when you need it. With luck you will catch a breath without inhaling water before the nezt one hits. The waves always get bigger, or so it seems.

You whip out your whiteboard and underwater marker. You're holding it remarkably steady for being justled around in murky water, this is good, at least something is going right today. And then you realize you mumble when you're trying to figure out how to clearly put down your murky and tumbling thoughts. After some mouthfulls of water and some panicked flailing you change your plan of attack, as much as it is possible to formulate a plan in your current state. Draw your situation...

.Well, that certainly is appropriately chaotic. Whatever it is. Another person being jostled around by a wave might be able to get the gist, if not the specifics, of it. You think. Squinting at the picture you're not entirely sure what, if anything, you were thinking. Maybe just write down exactly what you are thinking, no composatory mumbling -- no drowning sensation.

You proceed with that. A few disorienting headbumps later you finish blinking out the sand that snuck into your eyes halfway through writing and read it over. It vaguely resembles the kind of thing a person would write while their head is playing bongo witb the ocean floor. No one could possibly understand what this garbage means. It makes no sense even to yourself and you know what yiu were trying to say. Why does it always go this way? What are you doing wrong? Why can't you even do something as simple as this?

I'm sorry if this didn't make any sense.

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