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Individuality I think they're twits. Together, as a crew,I like the way they come together. Sometimes they just seem to be to rattle around in a bucket. Neelix is indeed a well rounded adventurer. I'm also working my way through ds9.

Thanks. I'm glad that someone didn't just tell me to do a google search. Maybe I don't know what I'm really looking for and in this case you suggested an alternative.

I think adding a pip to your circle is like getting an upvote.

When 4channers started leaving for 8chan a commenter on a thread complained about that same thing. OP reminded that it wasn't 4chan so the replies don't flow as fast. I get it.

Well when it boiled down to it in the end I was mostly interested in /r/askreddit, /r/iama, /r/casualiama. Pretty much the flavor of this site.

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I've been here for 30 minutes. I need to figure out that if it is not subs but discussions I need to open up the topics that I followed on reddit over here. Not the cancer, but the conversations. Oh now I have a new set of etiquette to learn.

After I realized that 4chan was too toxic for me I found Reddit. After digging in the mud, taking some moments to wallow in the NSFW, and so growing bored with that, I found that I was really settling on /r/askreddit, /r/casualconversation, and /r/casualiama. So it looks like I am really just looking for nice discussion. I'll be honest and I did lurk in FPH. But I'm not looking for that type of atmosphere. I ditched Facebook of Google+ just so I could get away from all of the noise of the loud static.

This place looks clean and nice. I'll spent some time looking around. Hopefully I'll find topics like my favorite subs. I was big on /r/imaginary___, space imagery, sfw porn and of course discussion of my favorite video games.

Refugee from the war torn lands of Reddit. My house filed with sewage backflow then the whole thing caught on fire. I've only been playing on reddit for a year and I've always felt like it just wasn't enough of... something. Anytime I'm somewhere that erupts into drama I bail. I hope this is what I'm looking for.

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