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I really love thinking. I spend hours each day just thinking.

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>A person who is not operating on logic, but instead trusts their emotions is going to be someone who will often be wrong where logic succeeds, but they will also be correct where it fails.

The definition of logic is "reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity", which means according to the validity. From the term itself logic is impossible to fail in the search for truth and proper reasoning evaluation.

>A big example of this, and I'm sorry for this, is eugenics

Your example is illogical and invalid, and doesn't imply a fail in logic as a tool of derision making (a possible reason for this, could be the fact that you might act directly affected act by emotion). Through empirical knowledge it was proven how to change human characteristics wiyh the proccess of breeding. If we institutionalized using logical a system where "X" characteristics are better for "Y" reason, we can act n a possible way to accomplish it. If some people have a (meaningless) cynical negative emotional reaction to it and therefore such an act becomes social unaccepted and therefore doesn't be let to happen. Then is not a fail of logic but fail in a procedure cause by illogical acts, namely the absence of logic. The fact that X number of humans do not have a positive emotional approach to the idea of eugenics isn't a logical reason for it not to happen.

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I'm a nihilist because it is not possible for morality objectively exist. And it is a made up subjective tool that limits the possible opportunities and because illogical at any form under a different perspective.

The thread was supposed to be about thought experiments, not actual ones, but since the other user submitted one which I thought was interesting we started discussing.

The superstring theory looks interesting, what I would like to know about it is whether it is based on indications or it is simply an unfalsiable possible theory, like the infinite more we could create , as well as the reason that the dimensions are limited to 11 and not infinite. I would also like some recommendations for further reading in thought experiments in general or quantum mechanics , if you have any

Good advice, works for many more things.

By the way, who added the third tag?

Either someone will come up with them again, (not necessairly the same person, and if so they might claim that they were the first who did so.) or not. And if they do, then either they will forget them, or not, if they do not, then might try them or not, but nethertheless they had an impact on them.

This is really interesting, although another huge reason that the citizens of nazi Germany obeyed such orders is the influence of the social acceptable, whose's huge reasons for existence are fear and pride, which were both hugely in that time. And when it comes to soldiers, they were simply "doing their job" of obeying any orders of authority without any reaction or even questioning. So a better way to use such an experiment would be to use more people at the same room, at the same time, some of which we would intensially put there to do as we say, just to do as we want, so we would also see different results influenced by the huge factor of social acceptance. So I see this thought as a personal motivation, to go soon and try this updated experiment on a different way obviously, as a way of research, and film it.

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Both existing and not existing are meaningless, anything in the universe or a possible multiverse is meaningless, which includes the interactions that I do, which includes the stop of my existence. So either way it is, is pointless.

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Reason for existence of what specific?

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A Meaning, a reason for its existence, or a specific reason to be interested in it.

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The fact that this illusion has an effect on the person, doesn't mean that it has a worth.

Now with what an consious being will do is completely subjective, and product of universal reactions.