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comment by T-Dog
T-Dog  ·  3347 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hey, I released my acoustic mope-fi EP yesterday. I hope you like it.

Thanks so much, Pablo. If any critiques do come up, let me know! It's all very raw and basic, the goal was just to exercise my ability to write songs without worrying about anything else.

The first time i saw the term "beta male" was in a book i think by Christopher Moore, but i don't remember which one. I read it years ago and it's just something that stuck with me because i identify with it so much (never been the guy who's confident and not afraid to take charge and get shit done).

It took a while to finally settle on Beta Males as the name - i have a note in my phone of dozens of band name ideas and for the longest time i couldn't decide. A friend told me it sounds too light hearted for my sad crybaby songs. Eventually, though, I decided i was okay with that because how often do you find a name that you really like and identify with?

So regarding your band, try not to take things too seriously and don't let the name get in the way. Make sure the name can be understood easily over loud music in a crowded venue. This local band that i played with recently was called The Aunteaks (pronounced Antiques) and as clever as that is i think it's more confusing than anything else. Ultimately, if you come up with a name that means something to you, i'd say just go for it. Your fans will care way less about the name than you guys do.