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Hmm, there's a bio field here now. That's nice.

Yes, that Saydrah (but the one on Pinterest isn't me).

I really like cuttlefish. I have ponies, a Corgi mix, and cats. My niece is way cooler at 12 than I've ever been or will ever be.

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I appreciate the consistency, tbh. Not too many people speak this ol' name on the interwebs anymore. I keep thinking about doing another Reddit AMA for the 10 year anniversary of Saydrahgate, but I don't know if there are enough people on Reddit still who remember it.

Anyway, like KB said, still in LA. I quit the tech scene after one acquisition too many. I'm a writer now, won a medium-sized TV writing contest recently, did a little bit of work for some major companies, still trying to get a foot all the way in the door.

I am surprised by, but appreciative of, your consistent interest in my whereabouts. If you're ever in LA, KB knows how to reach me so we can wave hello.

Hey! BTW mk your notification emails are consistently getting spammed in Zimbra -- good fortune I checked my junk on a whim today.

I'm in LA, working for the first time since 2009 at a purpose-driven company, and it feels great. I'm a person who can derive a greater purpose from almost anything (a lawyer friend told me once, "You must believe your client to be a good advocate," and I took that to heart along with Indra Nooyi's advice on assuming positive intentions) but it's great to be in a place where everyone is on that page. I've found it very easy to live in LA so far. The weather is of course so fantastic that people poke fun at it for being so great all the time. The people are friendly. (Really, they are. LA stereotypes have been exaggerated significantly.) There's always something to do. ALWAYS.

Having a blast. But busy as hell growing a community of my own, so I've only been around others sparingly!

Saydrah  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: There is no bee crisis

As far as I know there really has been a change in the lifetime of most beekeepers. That's what I hear from my uncle and from all the other beekeepers I know. That doesn't mean there haven't ever been other colony collapse events in history, but there have also been other volcano explosions in history and that fact wouldn't keep us from worrying about an erupting volcano in our backyards today, would it?

Detailed origami. You have to be very smart to be good at rectangular origami. (Or have a lot of time on your hands.)

Saydrah  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I saw a car accident and I stopped

Spontaneously? Almost never. Once in third grade when my teacher had a grand mal seizure during a lesson and conked his head on the blackboard. I got a pair of box turtles from my parents as a reward for having the presence of mind to go for the school nurse while the rest of the class was still panicking and milling in circles. They lived for ten years after that, not the 50+ I had hoped for, but they were probably wild-caught as adults, so that wasn't so bad. One of them might still be alive out in the wild somewhere -- he didn't come up from hibernation one year and I don't know if he died or escaped.

Other than that, a lot of planning goes into "spontaneous" moments like that for me. I spent 8 years volunteering intensively for an animal rescue group, including 3 years on the BoD. Went on a lot of cruelty calls. Called a lot of emergency vets. Occasionally grabbed a panicking horse before it hurt someone. Now I'm a victim advocate. I spend most on-call nights hoping the pager doesn't go off because I really don't want to be bothered in the moment, but when it does I always wind up glad that I was called, because I get to really help people.

Saydrah  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Jobs Are Never Coming Back

Marx figured this out a long time ago. He was a damn good diagnostician but made lousy prescriptions.

I would still cut a bitch for a Tesla Model S. (Or spend a moderate amount of money on one when my current vehicle expires, which is more likely.) I don't care how many NYT writers pan it. It's a fucking Tesla that I can afford. I am getting one.

I gave it some thought on the way home, and I have swayed a bit more to your perspective, but I still think that a good attitude is a trait that it's simply lazy for any person who presents materials to the public not to cultivate. If you're SO brilliant that you really truly don't need to be liked, okay, but most people (even most brilliant people) are not. However, I acknowledge that the value of his work, though not best served by his presentation, is not itself affected by his presentation.

The thing that sticks in my craw is his need to announce that he thinks comments are harmful and that he won't participate. Just don't participate next time, guy. Nobody's waiting with bated breath for ya!

If one has that perspective on one's audience, one should probably not release materials intended to be persuasive to an online audience, which by definition cannot be hand-selected.

Well, because it affects how people receive your work, if part of your work is making a positive change by influencing others in some way. I have a shitty attitude a lot of the time and criticism of it has helped me grow. (And helped me make the decision to actually finally quit Reddit, with the exception of one novelty account I keep around for giggles.)

I like how he's rebutting criticism of his attitude by declaring that it could not possibly be valid and that criticism of his attitude and style are inherently harmful. It really speaks well of his personality, ego, and attitude that he is so hostile to criticism, no? However, I agree that the article link is quite useful.

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