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At what point will banks accept deflation. negative interest rates are shocking and I don't understand how they even make sense.

OP I am still surprised it is above 50. It is hard to understand and access by a lay person. It is ruined by stories of wallets being hacked. The benefits of anonymous activity probably have limited appeal, and make it sound vaguely nefarious. It has no intrinsic value. It was nice for AMD when people were buying up graphic cards to make mining rigs.

Unfortunately, the gov't rules aren't going to elevate your position in life. I'd be bitter about it too.

I wish I could say I boycott Tim Hortons. But I still buy it on occasion. However, I have really stuck it to them hard by buying a good travel thermos. I would always buy a medium coffee every shift. So maybe 125-150 coffees a year from them? none in the last 9 months thanks to my thermos. I did get a gift card and have been using it, and I do like timbits. I am really bad at boycotting.

If reality and TV were made into venn diagrams, they'd be two circles on opposite sides of the page.

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