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Looking for Alaska by John Green. It's a young adult book about some teenagers that go off to boarding school together and get into some good ole tomfoolery. I laughed quite a bit, but I also teared up at some parts (which I don't normally do). I finished it in a sitting, it's pretty easy to read.

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I've only read the first two so far but I randomly picked up this gargantuan book with five of the novels in one. Definitely starting over from the beginning. This book tends to show up on internet forums all the time but I can't stress how funny it is.

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Not his best work but I read it a week or two ago and found it pretty funny. I'd classify it around fantasy/humor/adventure.

I have been listening to a "fuzz folk" band called GASHCAT. They recorded their first album on a boat and remind me a lot of Neutral Milk Hotel, very enjoyable!

Also, check out this electronic band called The Soft Greens. He started his solo work after Loose Lips Sink Ships broke up, another really good local (for me!) math rock band.

The entire album is pretty awesome, I think you'll enjoy it. It's hard to put into words what kind of music they perform, but I still like the "Experimental Outer-space Jam" tag that I've heard used.

I love putting on my noise cancelling headphones and shutting out the world once in a while. When I do, I listen to: De loused in the Comatorium Getting Paid A mix of Daft Punk songs The Moon and Antarctica Rubber Factory

Thanks for sharing! I'm sure I'll have quite a few questions once I start acquiring all-grain equipment.

I made some beer the other day. I'm still an amateur but will step up to the all-grain plate soon enough. So far I've made an Irish Stout and an IPA.

Here are a few pics I took when making the IPA

I just realized that You Slut! came out with a new album last year called Medium Bastard. So far Elton Chong is my favorite track. Check out their other album Critical Meat while you're at it, it's pretty awesome. Roofio shoots, Roofio Scores!

Sounds like you have quite the experience! I'll definitely give those a try at some point. The honey addition especially sounds right up my alley, thanks! The wait will be rough..

Giraffes? Giraffes! - More Skin with Milk-Mouth is a great instrumental and math-rock album. I just started listening to them again. My favorites off the album are probably "I am shimer..." and "A Quick One, While She's Away." The last track is very soothing to me.

I am also in love with Perpetuum Mobile by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. It's a pretty old song and I'm sure it was probably in a commercial, but I still enjoy every minute of it. It makes me want to reflect on life and contemplate what my future will be like.

Thanks for the suggestions! I haven't listened to any new math rock in a while, but I'll definitely be listening to Bulletproof Tiger more in depth this week.

Thanks for the rec, that was the first artist I checked out in this thread!

I haven't listened to too much new music this week. However, I have really been enjoying the track Sunshine by Atmosphere.

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