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I don't think I'd own a gun, but I really want to be somewhat proficient with them. It feels wrong for me to not know more about guns.

They are a politicized issue now, but they are still very real things and I'd like to at least satisfy that curiosity and just learn more about their basics.

I don't really see how both sides of this blurb are opposed in anyway.

The medical community SHOULD be invested in finding out the most they can about the needs of trans people, specially teens. Researching a solid grasp of the subject matter can only help.

And teens who have experienced gender dysphoria since their earliest memories are not in an enviable position.

However, research will stumble across any new social mores that are just now slowly beginning to develop: it's just the nature of questioning.

I mean, here, have some questions fresh out of my gourd in five minutes: Are there biological markers for dysphoria? Why or why not? If there are, should we test for them at an early age? Is gender reassignment always the best choice? Can dysphoria be so 'entrenched' in some trans people, that they may continue experiencing it even after going through the process? And on and on and on.

Many of these questions, and more, will be asked and researched and there'll be much poking and prodding and statistics-ing and it will surely be an awkward time.

I still think it'll be worth it.

Nollenia  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Was Legalizing Marijuana a Bad Idea?

A 'bad idea', eh?

I'm wondering how much of that thought is because of the problems that would be caused just because Colorado was one of the first few states to do it.

The real problem, I'd think, is if people really thought there'd only be smooth sailing while going against the wishes of current government structures.

It wasn't supposed to be easy.

    "Of course, this only applies to apps available through Oculus’ official app store. There will likely be unofficial app stores where users will be able to download whatever they want."

    Don't count on it. This is definitely not the case for their other product the Gear VR. You can use nothing with it that hasn't been approved. The device is locked to their Oculus Store app and only that app. It is a completely walled garden and there is little reason to think the Rift's Oculus Home app will be any different. Facebook considers total control of content for this to be of the utmost importance and they own Oculus.

Just a small comment for those of us who were still holding up any kind of hope for 'side-loading' apps that were not in Facebooks app store.

And a friendly reminder, Oculus HAS dropped support for Mac and Linux. They've said it's just for now, but we all know that doesn't bode well for openness in any way.

When a person's ideology punishes or discourages deviation, such as the shaming that seems prevalent nowadays, that person has very little incentive to tackle difficult or novel problems within the frame of their ideology.

Why thread into unknown waters, if you only find risk?

Like with other organizations (like Catholicism, Mormons, a number of government agenices, etc.) the only real way to tackle issues which are outside the movement's immediate area of knowledge, is by having the leadership come together and act.

Unfortunately, that usually only happens after continued outside pressures.

"Sketches" is right, there was no really specific nitty-gritty kind of policy ideas she put forth, unlike Bern.

I'm not an idealist, but with Sanders I can say he supports universal health care, free college for qualified students, and so on. A person can comfortably say "Well, he'll try to do X and Y, even if he may only get parts of each".

I just don't feel that way with Hillary, and I feel baffles that people that consider themselves 'very liberal' would.

Nollenia  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: L'Ectasi Del'Orro

I love the Dollars trilogy, even though I watched Yojimbo before A Fistful of Dollars, didn't really seem to affect my popcorn chewing.

I've been having a kind of unspecified dread about algorithms. Even in their complex forms they seem sort of... lazy.

Create Rule X for Y content, assign % of group ß to list ω, and on and on. I mean, algorithms such as the ones from Google must necessarily ignore certain things and elevate others. But what biases are in each variable and constant? Was some number hardcoded in there without a second thought, affecting search results, elevating the 'wrong' sort of information and whitewashing the 'true' or 'correct' kind?

If you have any kind of experience with clicky RTS games, or Dota's other competitors, I recommend it.

And if you don't have any experience, I recommend it, although moreso if you can rope in equally inexperienced friends into having a flustercuck party of "WHAT DID I DO AND HOW DO I DO IT AGAIN"

Fun stuff!

Impressively well done.

On my own experience as a former flooring sort of guy, I can say the satisfaction of helping build a place is really not well known by people at large.

It was hard work, but going around a city thinking "Hey, I built a chunk of that building, y'know", is really satisfying.

More people ought to be excited for these news. I don't mind if other gaming places aren't following Dota 2 closely...

Because they will, oh my yes.

And, although I'm hype, the update makes me pine a bit for the Blizzard of old too. So many missed opportunities, and such.