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Holy crap I was not prepared for that. Hahahaha, awesome!

My question is, what does this mean for... well anything really? Are there any particular real world applications for this knowledge or ways that it noticeably affects people, or is it just cool to know? How will scientist use this new knowledge going forward?

Anybody know?

"In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him." - Ender Wiggin, Ender's Game

Thanks for posting this. I guess I better go get my tin can and string to have some private conversations.

LandGod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Where are/did you going to college?

Well I wish you the best of luck!

LandGod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Where are/did you going to college?

Alas, I'm sorry your plans didn't work out. So what do you do now then, if I may ask?

Took me a long time and the loss of a few friends to learn that second one. Great advice!

LandGod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Where are/did you going to college?

I'm currently attending Santa Barbara City College. Despite it being a city college and despite the fact that I didn't choose it, I'm really glad I go there. The professors are there to teach at a CC as opposed to many other schools and since it's in beautiful southern California people really want to teach there, so we have great teachers. Also, it's super cheap.

Followup question: How does one pronounce hubski properly? Is it hub-skee or hub-skeye? Or should I pronounce it with a soft I so that I sound like I have a British accent and I'm doing an R drop? Oh please can it be the British one!? I love British accents!

I completely agree with you my good man (or woman, as the case may be)!

I think this is really good advice. I'm very logical guy and so when people would come to me with a problem I would try to solve it. One of two things would always happen though, either the person would stop coming to me with their problems or I would become exasperated with them and stop wanting to listen to their problems.

Eventually I realized that no matter how good of a solution you have to someone's problem it's still totally unhelpful if they're not in a place where they can hear that.