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ok so im in school and this kid i dont like his name is shawn he starts botering me because hes a jerk and he always picks on me like pushing me around and stuff anyway usually i dont usually do anything cuz i get scared but that day he was pushing me into the wall while i was walking to class with my friends and evry1 was quiet cuz no1 wanted to get picked on but i was starting to get angry so i said to him stop it already, shawn and he's like f* u, dork make me and im like fine thats it!!!11! so he pushes me and i fall on my face and evry1 around gets in a group and starts going fight fight fight and shawns like get up you b so i get up slowly and im REALLY angry and i turn around and i fell like theres this power inside me so i start screaming at him like goku so evry1 in the group backs up and looks scared and even shawn started to back up and look scared so i yell at him you shouldnt have messed with a saiyan!!!1! i put my hands back and go kameeeeeeeeeeeeeehameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa and i try to shoot it i dont see it but i could feel the forc e of it (im training it now so i can see it) and shawn backed up a bit so i coul dtell him i hit him wiht it too then he turned around and walked awya cuz he was scared and evry1 in the group walked away too and my friends all come up to me and start saying stuff like good job and my friend chris says dude your hair turned gold for a second and im like really and hes like yeah and then all my other friends are like yeah i saw that too so thats the story of how i learned that i was a saiyan

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GodOfAtheism  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Who Is Left on Hubski?

Name: GoA

Location: Merica

Age: Old enough to run for president, not old enough to retire

Current Preoccupation: Regex and bullshit idling games

Previous Preoccupations: Clearing my modqueue on reddit.

Cross post. A repost implies that it's that posts second (or third, etc.) time here. a cross post means it's been posted somewhere else first.

All 3 of their current users are reportedly very upset.

>Under the MPRA, members who don’t vote are considered to have voted yes.

Wonder what kind of notification they're required to give under that law.

Spamming is already pretty difficult, what with the numerous ways you can choose how you view things.

Get rid of powers for when the guy you don't like is in office, repeal when your guy is in office.

This being right after Oregon's civil war, your title made me think you got popped by a Beaver's fan.

On one hand, good riddance.

On the other?

hahaha no, good riddance.

I picked up Transformers Devastation for myself, and spent about 15-20 bucks getting various friends stuff.

Justified paranoia in Zuckerberg's case, I would think. If anyone was going to get spied on in a variety of seemingly outlandish ways, it'd be him and other super rich/powerful folks like him.

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