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I'm actually halfway through Shinsekai Yori right now, it's got me hooked.

Yeah, we don't have that kind of time haha, HxH is great (<3 hisoka)

Alas, we should stick to 1-2 season anime.

Psycho-Pass is very good. I've seen it, but I would watch it again. I'll dot you.

That would be fair, I would lean more towards 2 days myself. It still limits the length of the series, I feel. I would not be opposed to watching something with 50+ episodes, but as a group, that is quite difficult.

That was fantastic! Knowing nothing of Gnosticism I can't really nitpick anything, but if the comparisons are true you have done a great job of putting the pieces together in a way that makes sense.

My personal theory was that, the aliens were her parents, but when I saw her change into the alien herself I had to drop that one.. So, then I had two mysteries on my hands. Who were her parents, and who was the alien. Well, with a sufficient answer for who the alien was, who were her parents?

Her father, from the very beginning, encouraged her to go be apart of the wired. He thought it was another world, and seemed to have dropped endless amounts of money to get her to the point she needed to be to connect to the wired completely. Her father also acknowledged that she and he are separate entities, but he loved her anyway. So, was her father just a human who had been sent there to protect let until she was old enough to discover her true identity, and facilitate her in any way he could? Was he something more? Her parents always seemed so distant and uninterested, but there were moments where I felt her father wanted to be a father, but just didn't know how.

What do you guys think the alien represented?

I will probably do it again, but the time constraints will be smaller, and if I do a longer series there will be frequent updates/discussion. I think what happened here was

Oh! I'll watch this, yeah!

A week later they forgot about it because there was nothing to remind them..

So.. Yeah, if I do it again, I have to engage people who participate.

Good luck is all I can say. Judging from what happened here, ten people will tell you they will read the book, and 1 person will read it. This was watching something, not much effort required... Reading something, I have no idea.

It took me two days, but it looks like only 4 of us finished, when about 10 people said they would. Of course i'm just looking at who commented.

I am currently trying to decide if I'd like to try another series or not. There was a lot of hype but not much in terms of following through. Two weeks was too much time for me, but I have a lot more time than the average hubskier atm

My initial thoughts as well, there was dis-associative identity and schizophrenia, but in the last few layers, her "delusions" start having real life impact on others, namely Arisu being attacked by the "God" of the wired. Which is where I kind of came to a stand still with what was actually happening.

I figured I would put my comment separately, for ease of replying.

Wow, what a show. For having absolutely no idea what I was getting into, I don't know what I was expecting, but it was NOT what I watched. Perhaps one of the most intelligently constructed anime I have watched in sometime, I was sucked in by (and this is a first for me) the opening theme. I LOVED the song, and tracked down the artist before I even finished the first episode. For those that are curious [here it is]

On to the show itself. From the very beginning this show has you asking questions, questions, questions. There is suicide, an internet that connects people at a subconscious level, mysterious messages from the dead, all in a world seemingly no different than ours. I find that SE:L is more interested in making one think about what's going on then giving direct answers. In a world of overstated and often overly dramatic anime, this was a refreshing watch, and I quickly devoured it in about two days of binge watching.

The anime itself has more depth than average, but figuring out the main "plot" if you will is not necessarily so hard, it's the extra details that you don't HAVE to understand, but more than likely add a considerable amount of insight into the story. There are several parts of the story I personally don't have a solid theory for, and those are what I'm hoping to talk about with the rest of you once you arrive.

Namely, the alien, who/what her parents and sister were, how the wired connected people. I will try to think of more as the discussion moves on.

But, for now, I am hoping most people remembered and are excited to talk about it today.

That was a good read, and makes me wonder how common cheating really is.

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