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I think we should expect high security from anyone who is dealing with sensitive information, no one wants to see their data leaked after all.

But in practice it's not realistic to expect that companies have perfect protection, if you face an APT like a nationstate for example you're generally pretty screwed (e.g. Kaspersky). But when you do have a company which is in the business of security, like HackingTeam, it's much more reasonable to expect them to at least have the basics in order (like strong passwords). Their company as a whole knows how important those basics are after all given that they are demonstrated time and time again (like the recent successful phishing attacks on a number of US-based healthcare companies).

To be fair, Friends (especially the liberal Friends) are generally staunch pacifists. This article is a demonstration of that.

The only downside is that Friends are a minority in the world of Christianity, however there does seem to be a stronger tradition of pacifism in Christianity than there is in Islam. It is important to note however that this might simply be because I am less aware of the tradition of nonviolence in Islam.

Dearon  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A World Without Work

It would be very interesting to see office-type jobs (including jobs like programming) add silent rooms for meditation or even naps (I know Google offered something like that, but no idea about the rest of the industry). Giving people the freedom to take a break whenever they need it and to recharge in that way seems like something that could be very beneficial to both employees and the company. The only problem is that it's somewhat incompatible to a culture where everyone is being micro-managed, so I could see that being a big obstacle.

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Dearon  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A World Without Work

Social media also seems to provide a good mental break for many types of work where, without it, you might find yourself mentally overwhelmed. With that assumption it also makes sense that online activity drops in the weekend.

Dearon  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The weird worlds of African sci-fi.

Even then those kinds of topics are not that hard to find in dystopian genres like cyberpunk. What will be valuable, I think, is not so much the topics themselves (and how novel they may or may not be) but rather how their culture experiences and the world around them will shape their approach to dealing with these topics. There is a lot of potential for new ways of viewing the fictional words, and that's always a worthwhile thing.

Watching this it reminds me of Minecraft in some ways, and makes me wonder how many kids who are growing up playing it might become interested in learning how to make these kinds of things with their own hands.

Dearon  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A compiler to only MOV instructions.

Piet is still one of my favorite examples of what can happen when people are bored. Plus seeing something like Piet or movfuscator can in turn be a big inspiration for realizing how much is actually possible.

Seems like a good way to not only recreate the power users you see (or saw) with Digg and Reddit, but to explicitly encourage such behavior.

I would assume that the method of transfer would involve a USB devices or such, combined with knowledge on how the network is set up (and thus which machines to target) and possibly some 0-day exploits so that you can avoid detection by virus scanners and so forth.

And realistically, much of this has already been seen in the wild with worms like Stuxnet. So we can assume that a state-sponsored attacker would be able to execute such attacks if the target is worth the effort.

DDG has a decent about page and privacy page which does somewhat answer your questions. But at the end of the day they're still a company, so there's always an element of trust that they will do as they say involved (whether you're using Google, DuckDuckGo, Startpage, or some other search engine).

Dearon  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Codeface

I think that a dedicated site with the ability to search/sort the fonts would be really helpful, the current list is long enough that I find it hard to make any meaningful comparisons.